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1983 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 21, Number 1, January/February 1983

    • Letters: Protection Against Gypsy Moth
    • The President's Message (Paul Steinfeld)
    • Leon Brown: Tresspassers: The Privacy Thieves
    • The Axe Men
    • Bob Sand- New Chairman, S.A.F.
    • In Memoriam: Dave Cook, First Heiberg Award Winner 1967
    • Doug Monteith: T. S. I.
    • Planting the Planet
    • Career Highlights- David H. Hanaburgh
    • On the Calendar
    • Forest Bookshelf
    • A Sample Timber Sale Contract for Private Forest Landowners
    • Go Easy on the Ashes
  • Volume 21, Number 3, May/June 1983

    • The President's Message (Paul Steinfeld)
    • Letters
    • Heiberg Award Winner- David W. Taber
    • Outstanding Service Award: Evelyn Campbell Stock
    • Report: NYFOA Annual Meeting
    • Announcement: A Forest Owners' Fall Foliage Tour
    • A. N. Richards: Urban Forestry- Greenspace and Urban Trees
    • Ask A Forester (Al Roberts): Real Property Taxes and How They Got That Way
    • David Tricoli Develops Cloning at E.S.F.
    • 1982 Spruce Budworm Impact Analyzed
    • Forest Bookshelf
    • On The Calendar
    • Gypsy Moth Problem Will be Back in 1983
    • Professor Morrow to Retire
    • New Fuel Wood Film
    • Cable Yarding Project
    • Letter to the Editor: CARE's forest restoration project(s)
    • Study Shows Forest Land Owners are Paying Excessive Income Taxes
    • John Thorington: T.S.I.- An Economic Perspective
    • Sawtimber Prices in 1982
    • Log Rules
  • Volume 21, Number 4, July/August 1983

    • The President's Message (Paul Steinfeld)
    • Minutes of the 140th Board Meeting
    • A Slant on Forestry in Niger
    • Woodsmen's Field Days - Tentative Schedule
    • DEC Commissioner, principal speaker at Empire State Forest Products Association Spring Meeting
    • Powder Post Beetles
    • NYFOA's "People to People" tour of New England deadline extension
    • Dr. Norman Richards: Urban Forestry: Street Tree Management
    • Tests of Harvesting Equipment at Heiberg Memorial Forest
    • Former NYFOA Director assumes position of chief technical advisor to the Burmese Forest Research Institute
    • Earth Almanac - The First Word
    • Property Boundary Line Trees
    • Tax and Tree Farmer - It Pays to Keep Records
    • Multiple Use Tips - Tree Farm Hunting and Fishing Agreements
    • Veneer Log Market
    • Result of Woodsmen's Field Days Survey
    • Tax and Tree Farmer - Protecting an Estate
    • Income Tax and Timber Owner
    • Forest Bookshelf
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): More on Hardwood Planting
  • Volume 21, Number 5, September/October 1983

    • The President's Message (Paul Steinfeld)
    • Minutes of the 141st Board Meeting
    • Registration- NYFOA Fall Meeting
    • HELP! (get more NYFOA members)
    • N. A. Richards: Firewood Thinning
    • Safe Chain Saws Prevent Injuries
    • No Land Tax and South African Foresters
    • Letters to the Editor: Could This Happen in Your Town? (Mike Demeree)
    • Timber Firms Moving to South as Supplies in Northwest Diminish
    • The Timber Industry in New York Continues to Grow
    • Trees May Alert Other Trees to Danger, Scientist Believe
    • A Computer May Hold the Answer for Foresters who Want to Accurately Estimate Tree Crop Yield
    • A. W. Roberts, Jr.: Land Taxes - Here's What We Pay
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): Another View on Tree Planting
  • Volume 21, Number 6, November/December 1983

    • Better Forest Management Through the New York Forst Owners Association
    • President's Message (Paul Steinfeld)
    • Report: Cummings Nature Center Fall Meeting Lunch
    • NYFOA Financial Report as of September 1983
    • Al Roberts: X-Mas Trees in the Suburbs of N.Y.C.
    • Scleroderris Canker Update
    • Are You Sure That's A Cord?
    • Stumpage Price Report- July 1983
    • Arthur Gall: Firewood and Insects
    • Forest Bookshelf
    • Decay and Diagnosis
    • Effects of Logging in Northern Hardwood Forests
    • John Hamel: Maturity
    • Report: NYFOA Board Meeting

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