1978 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 16, Number 1, January/February 1978

    • Wood Heat Boom Boosting Trailer Rentals
    • Christmas Tree Growers Winter Meeting
    • Message from the President (C. Eugene Farnsworth)
    • Deer Browsing Damage Control
    • Oil from Balsam Fir
    • Selection Cutting - A Panacea for Northeastern Forests?
    • Energy Conservation Tied to Forests
    • Devices to Protect Seedlings from Deer Browsing
    • My Woodlot in Jefferson County (Al Roberts, Jr.)
    • Are You Happy with Your Woodlot? - Your Thoughts Please
  • Volume 16, Number 2, March/April 1978

    • Message from the President (C. Eugene Farnsworth)
    • Program- NYFOA 16th Annual Meeting
    • Your Heirs and Their Taxes by Howard Ward
    • Cost Sharing for Woodlot Management
    • Albany Watch
    • Help for Salt Injury for Roadside Trees by Avery E. Rich
    • The Wood People from The Syracuse Magazine
    • Forestry Meetings
    • MINIMUM WAGE: Prepared by R. Eschler
    • Power Plant Fueled by Wood
  • Volume 16, Number 3, May/June 1978

    • In The Mailbox
    • Message from the President (Robert M Sand)
    • A Forester Needs (litany)
    • New York Forest Owner Association Awards for 1978
    • Ralph Nyland Heiberg Award Winner
    • NYFOA Announces its First Annual Service Award Winner (Emiel Palmer)
    • Richard C Fassett: Forest Improvement in Chemung County
    • Maple Decline
    • John D. Engle, Jr.: Leaf-Forest (poem)
    • Sawmill Waste Becomes Clean-Burning Fuel Pellets
    • Fred Najer: The Wanderer
    • Famous Trees - Hippocrates Plane Tree
    • Minutes of the Annual Meeting NYFOA April 8, 1978
    • Woods Walks 1978
  • Volume 16, Number 4, July/August 1978

    • Notes from the Board of Directors' meeting
    • Presiodent'a Message (Robert M. Sand)The State of the Art Herbicides for Christmas Tree Production
    • Five Woods Walks Planned for 1978
    • Dave Taber: Widow Maker
    • Firewood - Sell it by the Ton
    • Clinton County Tree Farmer Honored
    • Gregory Baker, with help from James Lassoie: Towards a Better Understanding of Forest Soils
    • Trees and the Soil
    • The New York Forest Owners Association, Inc. Invites You to Join with Us
  • Volume 16, Number 5, September/October 1978

    • Director's Meeting
    • President's Message (Robert M. Sand)
    • Woodswalk
    • Moira & A. W. Roberts: Woods Walk... A Report
    • Dave Taber: Chain Saw Maintenance - Money Saving Tips
    • NYFOA Fall Meeting Announcement
    • The New York Forest Information Group
    • John McMahon: Wood is Good (poem)
    • Dave Taber: Forestry: New York's Forests are Valuable (or) Valuable Forests Face Problems
    • NYFOA Invites YOU to Become a Member (NYFOA Objectives and Actions)
    • George Cooper: October's Party (poem)
    • It's the Law (littany)
    • Survey of Members
  • Volume 16, Number 6, November/December 1978

    • Directors' Meeting Notes
    • President's Message (Bob Sand)
    • New Cornell Bulletin: Growth of European Larch at Five Spacings by Robert M. Morrow
    • Robert A. Hellmann: Al Roberts is not Embarrassed (to talk about money)
    • Lance Conklin: Return of the Chestnut
    • ESF Study to Estimate Energy Potential of New York Forests
    • Dave Taber: Kickback Injury
    • Julian Webb: New York's Forest Practices - A Changing Scene
    • Alan R. Knight: A Walk in the Bernese Forest

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