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1994 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 32, Number 1, January/February 1994

    • President's Message (Don Wagner)
    • Elizabeth Densmore: How to Succeed at Succession
    • Beth & Dave Buckley: Basic Wildlife Management Projects
    • Dr. Jane Sorensen Lord: Tea Time
    • Henry S. Kernan: One Day in the Siberian Forest
    • Frank Rose: Attention NY Certified Tree Farmers: Opportunity Knocks
    • NYFOA Interviews Dick Rommel, Gold Hat Tree Farm Forester
    • John Marchant: Tree Farmers: Only the Facts Ma'am, PLEASE
    • John Hastings
    • Letters
    • Charlet P. Mowatt: A Road More Traveled (Woodland Access)
    • Chapter/Affiliates
    • Douglas Allen: Forest Health - An Elusive Concept
    • A Play on Words
    • Dorothy Darling: Out of Place (poem)
    • Wayne Oakes: Tree Time
  • Volume 32, Number 2, March/April 1994

    • President's Message (Don Wagner)
    • Norman Richards: Forgotten Giant
    • C. A. Maynard: The American Chestnut and Test Tubes
    • Michael C. Greason: The Forest Tax Horizon- A Particular View
    • Henry S. Kernan: The Forest Tax Horizon- A General View
    • Chapter/Affiliates
    • David J. Colligan: Legislation
    • Alan Knight: Exports- A Growing force in northeastern woodlots
    • Douglas Allen: The Bark Beetles
    • James M. Savage: The Forest and Deer
    • Update: Timber Theft and Trespass
    • Ask a Forester (Mark Kurtis): What is the best way to thin my woodlot?
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: A Greater Medicine
    • Letters
    • NY Forest Owners Association, 32nd Annual Meeting - program
    • NY Forest Owners Association, Nominations for Directors of the Association
  • Volume 32, Number 3, May/June 1994

    • President's Message (Don Wagner)
    • Douglas Allen: Sawyer Beetles
    • René H. Germain: Sustained-Yield Forest Management - A Success Story
    • Mark Kiester: Ask a Forester - A Counterpoint
    • Timber Prices
    • Woodsmen's Corporation Announces Essay Contest Topic
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • Dan Carroll: Wetland Wildlife Management
    • Carolyn Klass: Insects and Firewood, Some Facts
    • Arylyn W. Perkey: Selling Less for More
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: And Don't Forget the Little Ones
    • Don Brown: Our Children - Their Future
  • Volume 32, Number 4, July/August 1994

    • President's Message (Don Wagner)
    • W. H. Benjamin: Biomass - “Storing Solar Energy”
    • Daniel Robison, Timothy Rooney, Lawrence Abrahamson, and Edwin White: Wood Energy Issues in New York
    • The 1994 Heiberg Memorial Award
    • NYFOA's Outstanding Service Award
    • Rommel Gets a Second First
    • Ask a Forester (Sue & Mark Keister)
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • Central New York - First Annual Family Forest Fair
    • NYFOA's Fall Meeting - Tentative Schedule
    • Michael C. Greason: The Amazing Amazon
    • NYFOA's 32nd Annual Meeting
    • NYS Woodsmen's Field Days, New Data
    • Douglas C. Allen: Fall Cankerworm
    • John Krebs Wins Tree Farmer Award
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: Ouches and Itches
  • Volume 32, Number 5, September/October 1994

    • President's Message (Don Wagner)
    • Daniel Robison, Lawrence Abrahamson & Edwin White: Silviculture of Wood Biomass Crops as an Industrial Energy Feedstock
    • Ask a Forester (Charlie Mowatt): Ecological Management Must Include the Human Element ,,,or, how can this be called ecological management?
    • Dorothy S. Darling: No Thunder This Time (poem)
    • Letters
    • NYFOA's Fall Meeting - Speakers and Schedule
    • Chapter/Affiliates
    • CNY-NYFOA BBS on Internet
    • Henry S. Kernan: The American Chestnut - A Tragicomedy
    • About the NYFOA Information Database
    • Douglas C. Allen: The North American Maple Project - Keeping an Eye on Sugar Maple, Part I
    • NYFOA Takes the Pledge - The NWOA Woodland Responsibility Code
    • David J. Colligan: Legislation
    • Special Tree Farm News
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: On Loving and Logging
  • Volume 32, Number 6, November/December 1994

    • President's Message (Don Wagner)
    • NY's Master Forest Owner COVERTS Program
    • Donald H. O'Shea: The Forest's Enchanted Carrot: American Ginseng
    • Douglas Allen: The North American Maple Project - Results from New York's Plots - Part II
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • Sue Keister: N.Y.S. Tree Farm News
    • Norman Richards: Pineholm: 40 Years of a Multi-value Tree Farm
    • NY State Fair Champions
    • Ask a Forester (Robert Sand): Selling Timber? Mark Each Stump Correctly
    • Letters
    • Betty Densmore: At Home in the Wilderness - A Book Review
    • Dourthoy Darling: The Shapes of Earth (poem)
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

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