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1968 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 6, Number 1, January 1968

    • Letters
    • Former Vice President NYFOA Made President Household Finance Corporation
    • Architectural Uses of Our Native Woods
    • Farmers Home Administration Loans for Forestry Purposes
    • Former Forest Products Cooperative
  • Volume 6, Number 2, February 1968

    • For Sweet Sap
    • Do You Have a Friend Who Should be a Member of NYFOA
    • Dr. Farnsworth Requests Your Suggestions for Annual Heiberg Award
    • Thoughts in a Maple Grove Part I (Henry S. Kernan)
    • Recipe for Tree Seedlings
    • Deer Food in Mother Nature's Pantry
    • The Snow Sled in New Hampshire - Part I (Paul Doherty)
    • Tending the Fire
    • News of You
    • Grow and Plant Trees in Plastic Tubes?
    • Let's Grow Walnut in New Hampshire
  • Volume 6, Number 3, March 1968

    • "Best Use of Your Forest Land" is Theme for 6th Annual Meeting
    • Big Lumber Company and Well Known Paper Company Join NYFOA
    • March is Get a New Member Month
    • The Snow Sled in New Hampshire - Part II (Paul Doherty)
    • Natiion's Stake in Future of Forestry
    • Maple Production Tour - Lewis County
    • College of Forestry 1968 Film Catalog Ready
    • Thoughts in a Maple Grove Part II (Henry S. Kernan)
    • Can Walnut Trees be Made to Order?
  • Volume 6, Number 5, May 1968

    • New Faces on Board of Directors - Results of Election
    • Tribute to Our Treasurer, Mrs. Luella B. Palmer
    • Letters
    • On Personalizing Your Forest (Arthur J. Weinheimer)
    • Huge Hardwoods Harvested
    • 6th Annual Meeting Provides Fine Forestry Fare
    • Tax Fax Unfair Tax Escape or Towards Equalizing Tax Treatment? - Part II (Richard M. Bowers)
    • "Forest Ownership for Pleasure and Profit" Recommended for Forest Owners
    • Growing Trees in Small Nurseries
  • Volume 6, Number 6, June 1968

    • You Are Invited to NYFOA's Fifth Woods Walk
    • New NYFOA President - John W. Stock
    • Plantation - Fine Family Experience
    • "Markets for Hardwoods"
    • Travels and Trees in Far West
    • On "Getting Lost"
    • Offbeat Practices at Pinewald
    • News of You
  • Volume 6, Number 7, July 1968

    • Charter Member NYFOA, William G. J. Jones, Wins Conservation Award
    • 2nd Woods Walk Scheduled for Chestertown July 20; 3rd Woods Walk Scheduled for Central New York July 27
    • Smoke Jumpers 1968
    • Sharing Forest Pleasures
    • Newly Formed Otsego County Conservation Association has Field Trip to Woods of NYFOA Members
    • Tax Fax Unfair Tax Escape or Towards Equalizing Tax Treatment? - Part III (Richard M. Bowers)
    • Role of White Birch in Forestry (W. H. Brittain)
  • Volume 6, Number 8, August 1968

    • About the NYFOA Fall Meeting and the Huntington Forest
    • Have You Been Paid?
    • The Importance of a Good Marketable Title (Stanley W. Hamilton)
    • Harold Tyler's Woods Walk Proves Most Enjoyable!
    • More About Bob Cats
    • Letters
  • Volume 6, Number 9, September 1968

    • President John Stock Says "Welcome to the Adirondacks"
    • Quantity and Quality of Forest Insects
    • Sharing Forest Pleasures
    • Ten People Enjoy Chestertown Woods Walk
    • Arson!
    • Long Run Canadian Forestry Outlook
    • Century Owned Woods, Site of NYFOA's 3rd Woods Walk for 1968
  • Volume 6, Number 10, October 1968

    • Perfect Fall Weather Marks NYFOA 6th Fall Meeting
    • Introducing New Associate Editor, Nancy Clarke Gridley
    • Carlson Relinquishes Post as Executive Vice President
    • Jens Hansen, Saratoga County, to have Woods Walk October 26
    • News of You
  • Volume 6, Number 11, November 1968

    • More Housing for Low-Income Rural America
    • Planting the Right Tree on the Right Soil
    • Cabins from Thinnings (Alex Dickson)
    • Smokey Bear to Star in TV Series
    • Some Reflections on Plantation Extablishment and Management (Arthur B. Flick)
    • Services to Landowners
    • Demands on Canadian and U.S. Forests
    • Tree Spacing Studies in the Maritimes (Canada)
  • Volume 6, Number 12, December 1968

    • Hansen Woods Walk in Saratoga Brings Out Enthusiastic Responses
    • Report from the Timber Harvesting Committee
    • "America's Natural Resources" by President-Elect Richard M. Nixon
    • Directory Supplement

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