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1986 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 24, Number 2, April 1986

    • In The Mailbox
    • Letter from the Editor (Alan Knight): Six month lapse in the n.y. Forest Owner
    • Message from the President (Richard Garrett)
    • Cayuga Chapter's Activities- Field Day Success
    • Southern Tier Chapter Launched
    • Announcements: Come Visit My Woodlot!
    • Ask A Forester (Wes Suhr): Road Building; Woodlot Basics; Torpedo the Dams!; Fertilizer Economics; Forestry Regulations
    • Woodlot Shop (classifieds)
  • Volume 24, Number 3, May/June 1986

    • In The Mailbox
    • Woodlot Calendar
    • From the Editor
    • Announcement: New Zealand tour
    • Chapter Reports: Southern Tier; Tug Hill
    • Mike Demeree to be Honored as America's Outstanding Tree Farmer for 1985
    • Bob Sand; Allen Horn; Vince Chebetar; Sam Argetsinger: Advice on Timber Sales
    • Announcements: Woodswalks
    • Heiburg Award to Karyn Bartow Richards
    • NYFOA Prize to A.W.Roberts, Jr.
    • Log Bunching Systems
    • New in the Woodlot (commercial products)
    • Ask a Forester (Wes Suhr): That Intolerant Cuss!; Marshes to Ponds; Clean Stem Maple
    • Woodlot Workshop (classifieds)
  • Volume 24, Number 4, July/August 1986

    • In The Mailbox
    • Woodlot Calendar
    • Gordon Conklin: Young Tree Farmers
    • Dr. William Harlow passed away recently
    • Yong Kim: Gypsy Moth Time Bomb
    • Alan Knight: The Wright Kind of Maple Business
    • Firewood Sales Rules
    • Ask A Forester (Wes Suhr): Sick Beech; That Natural Look
    • Woodswalks
    • New in the Woodlot (commercial products)
    • Woodlot Shop (classifieds)
    • Woodcuts (Alan Knight, editor): Chestnuts; Your neighbors
  • Volume 24, Number 5, September/October 1986

    • An Open Letter (Richard Garrett, President)
    • In The Mailbox
    • Alan Knight: The Firewood Business- It Can be Done
    • Alan Knight: A View from Candor
    • Woodlot Equipment (Doug Monteith) (commercial products)
    • Alan Knight: Maple Syrup- An old enterprise with a new life
    • Catskill Forestry Votes Yes
    • CFA at a Glance
    • Phillip Sanders: Tree Farmer of the Year (Louis DuMond)
    • ESFPA- Industry Group Seeks Support
    • Alan R. Knight: True Confessions of a Part-Time Christmas Tree Farmer
    • Chapter Reports
    • Ask a Forester (Wes Suhr): Cut at Right price; Borer Beast; Go for Forestry!
    • When Alex Shigo Speaks...
    • Christmas-tree Market and 1985 Christmas Tree Prices;
    • Woodlot Shop (classifieds)
    • Woodcuts (Fred Eckert, US House of Representatives): Acid Rain
  • Volume 24, Number 6, November/December 1986

    • An Open Letter (Richard E. Garrett, President)
    • In the Mailbox
    • Woodlot Calendar
    • Betsy Bartz: Christmas Trees Without Pain? Let Dale Do It
    • David Hollis: Wood to Burn
    • Safety in the Woodlot (Bob Spath): Keep Your Head!
    • Alan Knight: Hunting & Timber
    • Woodswalks
    • Report (Earl Pfarner): Successful Fall Meeting
    • Book Review: The Woodland Steward - A Practical Guide to the Management of Small Private Forests
    • Chapter Reports
    • Cornell's Arnot- Maple with a Mission
    • Diane Perry: Ginseng- Woodlot Cash Crop
    • Ask a Forester (Wes Suhr): Fertilizer Economics; Pulpwood vs. Firewood Stumpage; Basal Area
    • Audio-Visual Show on Tree Bark
    • Woodlot Shop (classifieds)

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