1999 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 37, Number 1, January/February 1999

    • From the President (Jill Cornell): Proposed change to by-laws; Aftermath of a "logger's choice" timber harvest: Growth challenges for NYFOA;DEC forester for each county?; 2nd term coming to an end.
    • Wollybears Are Fuzzy Forecasters
    • Dorthy Darling: The Gift (poem)
    • Patricia Kay: The First Cut Is the Deepest- Or How We Survived Our Timber Harvest
    • Proposed Changes to NYFOA's By-Laws
    • Mary Binder: Family Forest Fair '98 - A Rousing Success
    • Small Landowners Seize Opportunity to Acess New Markets, Conserve Forests, and Protect Wildlife Habitat through Forest Certification
    • Resource Manager Certifications in the Northeast
    • Gerald Michael: A Special Woodswalk; FIP In/SIP out; Invitation to NYFOA/NY Tree Farm Members; Changes in New York's Forest Land Area; A National Delicacy; Costly Queries; Some Whimsey
    • Ask a Forester (Steve Davison): Dealing with the common buckthorn
    • Peter J. Smallidge: From Field to Forest
    • Forty Years of FWMA - A Brief Summary of the Founding of the Fish and Wildlife Management Board and its Accomplishments
    • Dick Fox: NYS FWMA Board Supports NYFOA Resolution
    • Is There a "DMAP" in Your Future?"
    • David J. Colligan: Easements - Friend or Foe?
    • Douglas C. Allen: The Maple Trumpet Skeletonizer - a clever recluse
    • Jamse Sorensen Lord: From Deer to Venison
  • Volume 37, Number 2, March/April 1999

    • President's Message (Jill Cornell): Outgoing President's message; Membership statistics; Upcoming Spring Meeting
    • David J. Colligan: Reforest Buffalo Committee
    • NY Woodland Stewards, Inc. (NYWS) Receives a Large Grant
    • Lawerence Lepak: Wildlife Marshes: Should You Add or Enhance One?
    • Gary R. Goff: Master Forest Owner Update
    • Mike Greason: Additional Harvest Considerations
    • Ask a Forester (Steve Davison): Cause of jelly formation on Black Cherry trees?
    • General Director Candidates
    • Annual Spring Meeting
    • Letters: Landowner Workshops; Deer to Venison
    • Creatures & Other Neat Things
    • Proposed NYFOA by-law changes: "Boring... But!"; Open letter ot Members of NYFOA
    • Cooperating Consultant and Cooperating Industrial Forester Program
    • Irene Szabo: Finger Lakes Trail- One Lucky Stumble
    • Henry Kernan: New York City Likes Forestry
    • Jerry Bond: Pruning and Physiology
    • Douglas C. Allen: Identifying Trees at Rick from Ice and Storm
    • Janes Sorensen Lord: Dreaming in Winter
  • Volume 37, Number 3, May/June 1999

    • From the President (Jill Cornell): Updated outgoing president's message; Perspectives into our stewardship of forested lands
    • Dorthy Darling: Fragments (poem)
    • Tim Ward: Common Sense
    • Dick Fox: State FWMAP Considers Controversial Topics
    • Why is Swamp Thing Taking Over the Forests?
    • Lexy Nichols: Return of the Fisher
    • Peter J. Smallidge: The Benefits of Forestry Add Value to Your Woodlot
    • Jim Coufal: Sustain, Sustainable, Sustained
    • Irene Szabo: Spring "Hot Spots" - Trailing Arbutus
    • Andrew J. Wiencek: A Timber Sale Turned Sour
    • Editorial (Dick Fox): Privatizing NY Forestry
    • Billy Morris: Termination of DEC's Cooperative Forest Management Program?
    • Letters: AFC Award; What are your trees worth?; Mosquito Murder; Forest Property & Taxes
    • Rod Jones: The Tree Farm Program, A National Update
    • Michelle Buckstrup & Nina Bassuck: Choosing Native vs Exotic- For the Home Landscape
    • Rabies
    • Douglas C. Allen: Moths That Affect Pine Shoots
    • Janes Sorensen Lord: I'm Just Wild About Harry (winter observations on a pond)
  • Volume 37, Number 4, July/August 1999

    • From the President (Ron Pedersen): Incoming president's (Ron Pedersen) messge; Update on Board of Directors; By-laws approved; NYFOA in 5- 10 years
    • In the Mail: Editorial on Privatizing NY Forestry; Article on return of the wolf to the Adirondacks
    • Jill Cornell: Forestry Awareness Day '99
    • Peter Smallidge: Understanding and Preventing Timber Theft
    • Henry S. Kernan: Sharing a Seedling Resource
    • NYFOA Fall Membership Meeting
    • Irene Szabo: Along the Finger Lakes Trail: The Garrison's Island of Hospitality
    • NYFOA Awards: Heiberg Memorial Award to James E. Coufal; NYFOA Service Award to Dale and Eileen Shaefer; Outstanding Forester Award to Ron Cadieux and John Hastings
    • Douglas C. Allen: Peach Bark Beetle and Black Cherry
    • Kevin King and Hugh Canham: Lumber Production
    • Kevin King and Hugh Canham: Woodpulp & Paper Production
    • Mike Greason: Pay a Consultant?
    • Mike Greason: Should I Use an Industrial Forester?
  • Volume 37, Number 5, September/October 1999

    • From the President (Ron Pedersen): Promoting NYFOA; Short term objectives; NY Farm Bureau and NYFOA cooperative efforts
    • In the Mail: Woodlands Field Day
    • Dinnie Sloman: Listening
    • Stacie Edick and Tim Volk: A New Renewable Energy Source Growing on Western New York Farms
    • NYFOA Fall Membership Meeting
    • Irene Szabo: Along tthe Fingert Lakes Trail: A Gift from the Beans of McGraw, NY
    • Peter Smallidge: Getting Started in Forestry
    • Douglas C. Allen: Defoliation by Oystershell Scale
    • Dorthy Darling: At The Waters Edge (poem)
    • Richard Gibbs: Motorized ATVs amd Dirt-Bikes- What to do about them?
    • Patrick Kelly: Leisure Logging
  • Volume 37, Number 6, November/December 1999

    • From the President (Ron Pedersen): NYFOA aligning with kindred organizations
    • In the Mail: Are Private Foresters Monitored?; Gas Companies and Access
    • Robert Malmsheimer and Michael Goergen: EPA Proposes New Silvicultural Regulations
    • Christopher A. Nowack: Leaf Color Change in our Hardwood Forests
    • Peter J. Smallidge: New York's Forests Then and Now
    • Irene Szabo: Along the Finger Lakes Trail: George Fraley: rara avis
    • Kristi L. Sullivan: Managing Birds in New York
    • Rolf Wentorf: Congress Directs USFS to "Prompte Sustainable Use of the Eastern Hardwood Resource"
    • Douglas C. Allen: Insect-Produced Silk- From Textiles to "Tents"
    • Mary Binder: Bears and Cats and Other Things
    • David Colligan: Seventh Annual ReLeaf Conference
    • Jane Geisler: Book Review: Requiem for Nature by John Terborogh

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