1981 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 18, Number 1, January/February 1981

    • The View from the President's Chair (Howard O. Ward)
    • The Editor: Any interest in articles on Urban Forestry?
    • Forest Management Current Events (Robert Demaree): Tree Planting
    • George Hopkins Stauffer: The Urban Foresters' Notebook
    • Publications You Should Know About
    • Hand Tools: The Axe
    • State University College of Environmental Science and Forestry Shortcourses and Conferences
    • Jeri Lynn Smith: Study Evaluates U.S. Wood Resources
    • Dr. Gene Gray: Tax Credit
    • Deer Repellent Available
    • Nature's Prayer
    • Edward E. Lang: Seasoning Firewood
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): A logger has offered me $200 per thousand board feet for some cherry trees in my woods. Do you feel this is a fair price?
  • Volume 19, Number 2, March/April 1981

    • The View from the President's Chair (Howard O. Ward)
    • Robert Demaree: Current Events
    • Announcement: NYFOA Annual Meeting
    • John H. Hamel, M. D.: Maturity
    • Determining Heat Loss
    • Selling Your Timber
    • Lumber Buying Guide for Consumers
    • On the Calendar: Log Cabin Construction Schools
    • Nebraska City Nebraska... Where Arbor Day Began
    • Maple Syrup... The First Sign of Spring
    • David Stewart: Acid Snow May Have More Toxic Effects than Acid Rain
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): Do you feel it would be a good deal for me to sign my property up under 480-A?
  • Volume 19, Number 3, May/June 1981

    • Heiberg Award Winner 1981 - Curtis H. Bauer
    • Citation- NYFOA Outstanding Service Award 1981: J. Lewis DuMond
    • Urban Forestry- Background Information for Street Tree Planning
    • Katherine Seelye: Gypsy Moth Problem to Grow
    • Rpbert D. Hershey, Jr.: Wood Fuel Found to Surpass Atomic Energy in U.S.
    • USDA Says Crop of Ag Grads Not Big Enough
    • J. Claude Lecours: From Another Side of the Tree (Selling Your Timber)
    • Money Does Grow on Trees (and vice versa)
    • New Slitter to Reduce Sawmill Waste
    • David W. Taber: Sales Taxes Reduced Again
    • Stumpage Price Report Published
    • Timber Harvesting Guidelines for New York
    • Public Education Program: Woodlot Management for Fuelwood
    • Arthur T. Viertel: Recipe for Tree Planting
    • Songs of the Forester
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): Marketing Timber
  • Volume 19, Number 4, July/August 1981

    • The View from the President's Chair: Cutting Trees: Rules needed?
    • Directors of NYFOA
    • NYFOA Committees
    • Report: 1981 Annual Meeting NYFOA
    • Clayton Jones: Timberman Sees Land of Dixie as Future "Woodbasket" of the World
    • Worker's Compensation Situation
    • Announcement: Camp Owahta 1981 Summer Programs
    • Pruning Properly
    • Test Your Forest I.Q.
    • Announcement: Woods Walk- Ranger School
    • Firewood Economics
    • Time & Motion Study - Cost Analysis
    • General Business News from Pulpwood Highlights
    • Fred L. Johnson and David H. Hanaburgh: Licensing Professional Forestry
    • Forest Industry Facts & Perspectives
    • Forest Industry Analysis & Planning
    • Forest Bookshelf: New Publications from Cornell
    • Footprints in the Sand
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): Assessing financial damage of miscut timber
    • DEC Services Available
  • Volume 19, Number 5, September/October 1981

    • Notes from the NYFOA President (Bob Edmonds)
    • NYFOA 1981 Fall Meeting: Managing Your Woodlands: Satisfaction Guaranteed!
    • Paul Smith College
    • Upcoming Events
    • Minutes of the 124th Board Meeting
    • NYFOA Can Have 1200 Members
    • More on Chemical Chimnay Cleaners
    • Fuel Prices May Provide Incentive to Woodlot Owners
    • History of Gussie Gaskill's Woods
    • BMP's for Logging
    • Dry Stream Beds and Logging
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): Woods Walk at Gussie Gaskill's
  • Volume 19, Number 6, November/December 1981

    • Forest Bookshelf: Planting Forest Trees; Why, When, How
    • Notes from the NYFOA President (Bob Edmonds)
    • What's the Wanakena Campus All About?
    • Announcement: Woods Walk at Wanakena
    • Solicitation for Nominees for the Heiberg Memorial Award
    • Current Events (Robert L. Demeree): S.N.I.P.F.O. (Small Non-industrial Private Forest Owners)
    • Report: Log Grading Workshop
    • Firewood Sales Tax
    • Deer Management
    • Howard Ward: Vandalism-Burglary
    • Wood Stoves
    • Evelyn Stock: The Saga of my Woodlot

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