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2011 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 49, Number 1, January/February 2011

    • NY Farm Show 2011
    • Ask a Professional: Gas Leases
    • NYS Tree Farm News: What the heck is woody biomass?
    • Kid's Corner: Life in a Tree, Part 3 - The Roots
    • Improve Your Woodlot for Wildlife- Flying Squirrels
    • NYFOA Safety Tips: Safely Using Chemicals in Woodlands
    • NYFOA General Director Candidates
    • NYFOA 50th Annual Meeting
    • NYFOA Awards
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlot: Cottontail Rabbit
    • Woodland Health: Emerald Ash Borer in New York: 2010 Update
    • Timber Topics: Top Ten Things Not to do When Selling Timber
    • Member Profile: Cynthia King
  • Volume 49, Number 2, March/April 2011

    • Chapter Report- SOT's NYFOA Cake
    • Ask a Professional: Aren't invasives good for wildlife?
    • NYS Tree Farm News: Tree Farm Statistics
    • Kid's Corner: Blooming Branches
    • Land Trusts Applaud Renewal of Enhanced Conservation Tax Incentives
    • NYFOA Safety Tips: Safely Using Chemicals in Woodlands- Part II: Spills
    • NYFOA Awards: Heiberg Award to Mike Birmingham; Outstanding Service Award to Jamie Christensen
    • Woodland Health: Woodlot Management and the Emeral Ash Borer
    • Ranger School Expands Offering on Eve of its Centennial
    • Timber Topics: Time to Sell Your Timber? Maybe, Maybe Not
    • Member Profile: Chet and Bonnie Crosby
  • Volume 49, Number 3, May/June 2011

    • NYFOA Scholarship Winner
    • Ask a Professional: Responding to Neighbor's Tapping Your Trees without Permission
    • NYS Tree Farm News: Defending Responsible Timber Harvesting Practices
    • Kid's Corner: Catch an Emerald Ash Borer - With a Wasp!
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlands: Predators in New York State
    • Obituary: Michael C. Greason
    • Woodland Health: Don't Forgot the Hemlocks!
    • NYFOA Safety Tip: Logging with Farm Tractors
    • Timber Topics: Whether or When to Have a Timber Harvest
    • 2010 NYFOA Donors
    • Member Profile: Renee Bouplon
  • Volume 49, Number 4, July/August 2011

    • Letter to the Editor: Biomass Harvesting Concerns
    • Ask a Professional: I've heard a word, but don't know what it means. Part I
    • NYS Tree Farm News: It's Your Woodlot, Use It!
    • Kid's Corner: Watch the World Around You
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlands: Eastern Newt
    • Master Forest Owners Program Starts 21st Year
    • A Failed Attempt to Block a Right-of-Way
    • Woodland Health: Thousand Cankers Disease of Black Walnut
    • Timber Topics: When to Have a Timber Harvest
    • Member Profile: Marc Jaffe
  • Volume 49, Number 5, September/October 2011

    • Ties to the Land: Planning for the Future of Your Woodlands
    • Ask a Professional: I've heard a word but don't know what it means. Part II
    • NYS Tree Farm News: The most sacred season of the year... HUNTING SEASON!
    • Kid's Corner: Science... For the Birds
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlands: Eastern Screech-Owl
    • What's up with all this Early Succesional Habitat Stuff?
    • Woodland Health: The Balsam Woolly Adelgid in New York
    • Timber Topics: When to Have a Timber Harvest
    • News & Notes: Peter Smallidge to receive SAF award; DEC's International Year of Forests photo contest
    • Member Profile: Rolf and Deb Wentorf
  • Volume 49, Number 6, November/December 2011

    • Woodlot Pizza: Build a Wood-Fired Brick Oven
    • Ask a Professional: Woodland Owner and Maple Producer Response to Severe Weather
    • NYS Tree Farm News: I think I might be a Tree Farmer...
    • Kid's Corner: The Twist of the Vine
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlands: Black Bear
    • Unlocking the Economic Potential of Your Woodlot
    • Woodland Health: Beech Bark Disease: Hope in Beech Hell?
    • NYFOA Obituary- Robert Morrison
    • Member Profile: Larry Phillips

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