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2001 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 39, Number 1, January/February 2001

    • From the President (Ron Pedersen): Recognizing members who contribute to forestry education
    • In The Mail: Friends for Life
    • NYFOA: An Executive Director in its Future
    • Tree Farm News: A Look Ahead
    • Awards: Adirondack Stewardship Award presented to the Fullertons; Michael Greason Receives SAF Field Forester Award
    • Dick Fitts: Zen and the Art of Forest Ownership
    • David J. Colligan: Update on Estate Planning for Forest Owners
    • Irene Szabo: Along the Finger Lakes Trail: Local High School Angels
    • NYFOA General Director Candidates
    • 39th Annual Spring Program
    • News & Notes: Software Program Helps Landowners Estimate Potential Value of Trees; State Fish and Wildlife Management Board Concerned over High Statewide Deer Numbers
    • Douglas C. Allen: How an Insect Overwinters- a lesson in adaption
    • Attention All Forest Enthusiasts
  • Volume 39, Number 2, March/April 2001

    • From the President (Ron Pedersen): NYFOA state-level support of chapters; NYFOA Executive Director screening committee
    • John Solon: What's up with Tree Planting
    • Billy Morris: Be A FORESTER For A Day: Thinning Workshop
    • Robert Johnson: Poles, Pallets & Plastic- The Building of a Swamp Road
    • Michael C. Greason: Revisiting a Forest After 20 Years
    • Ask the FORESTER (Craig J. Davis): Horse Skidding
    • News & Notes: White Spruce Seedlings; Forest Management Update Available; SAF 2000 Communications Award to Mary Beth Malmsheimer for NYFOA's The New York Forest Owner; A Guide to Internet Resources for Forest Landowners
    • Ron Cadieux: Managing the Equity in Your Woodlot
    • Henry Kernan: Grey Towers: The Estate of Gifford Pinchot
    • Larry M. Bishop: Tax Tips: For Forest Landowners for 2000 Tax Year
    • Douglas C. Allen: The Prominents- Colorful Caterpillars in our Hardwood Forests
    • Kelly Sevier: Opinion: New Rules a Mistake
  • Volume 39, Number 3, May/June 2001

    • From the President (Ron Pedersen): Pride of ownership
    • In The Mail: Controlling Deer Population
    • Loss of Old Growth
    • Kristi Sullivan: The Bear Facts
    • Jim Rogalski: Foresters Branch Out with Old-Growth Database
    • Hugh O. Canham: New York's Paper Industry
    • News & Notes: Chapter Host NYFOA Booth; Dale Bosworth Selected as USDA's New Forest Service Chief; Aerial Photos; DEC's Tree & Shrub Seedling Sale Underwaay
    • NYFOA Awards: Heiberg Award to John T. Hastings; Outstanding Service Award to Billy Morris
    • Todd Mathes and Robert Malmsheimer: Carbon, Climate Change and Forests
    • Douglas C. Allen: The Insect Egg
    • John Druke of CNY NYFOA Receives Donald Stearns Forestry Award
    • Forest Fragmentation
  • Volume 39, Number 4, July/August 2001

    • From the President (Ron Pedersen): Educational Forests; Introductory Memberships; Gift Memberships
    • In the Mail: Professional Foresters
    • Christine Tarski: How to Remember Bird Songs
    • Gary Goff: Volunteers Making a Difference
    • Robert Malmsheimer and David J. Colligan: Hunting Leases that Protect the Landowner and the Resource
    • News & Notes: Conservation Trees Booklet. FREE!; Guide to Weed and Brush Control; Threatened & Endangered Species Web Site; Venision Donations; How to use a Compass
    • Fall Membership Meeting
    • Reward for Finding Near-Extinct Trees
    • Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP)
    • Douglas C. Allen: The May Beetle
    • Kelly Sevier: The "Father of Conservation" and What He Taught Us
    • Forest Landowner Tax Council
    • Jill Cornell: What can New York Woodland Stewards Do for You?
  • Volume 39, Number 5, September/October 2001

    • From the President (Ron Pedersen): : MFO refresher programs; AFC's input to the Jamestown Post-Journal "Who Speaks for the Forest" supplement; Salute to DEC's service foresters
    • In the Mail: Response to "Professional Foresters" letter
    • Ronald C. Brach and Sheila D. O'Sullivan: Timber Theft Public Hearings Reveal Weaknesses in Current Laws and Theft Prevention Measures
    • Jill Cornell: What is the National Network of Private Forest Landowners?
    • Book Review (Richard Taber): The Eastern Deciduous Forest, Ecology and Wildlife Conservation, Second Edition
    • David L. Stureges; Controlling Interfering Vegetation- A User-friendly Method for Woodlot Owners
    • Rene Germain, Kevin Brazill, and Seth LaPierre: Old Phenomenon, New Term: Forestland Parcelization
    • Douglas C. Allen: A Word on Behalf of American Beech
    • News & Notes: WGinseng Proceedings; Christmas Tree Grower Website; A New Approach to Timber Theft...; And still Another Approach...
    • Michael Greason: Thinning Young Forests
  • Volume 39, Number 6, November/December 2001

    • From the President (Ron Pedersen): NYWS matching grant programs; Continuing need for NYFOA volunteers; NYFOA awards; "Log A Load for Kids" program; NYFOA gift memberships
    • News & Notes Input on "Controlling Vegetation" and "Thinning Young Forests", Another response to "Professional Foresters"; NYFOA license plate
    • Gary R. Goff: Attracting Woodland Wildlife: A Primer
    • Hugh O. Canham: WANTED: A Few Good People
    • John Munsell and Rene Germain: In This Case, Talk is Far From Cheap: A Landowner's Role in Extension and Outreach
    • Matching Grants: A New Source of Funding for Expanded NYFOA Programs
    • Nature Conservance to Set Up Forest Bank
    • Henry Kernan: Finger Lakes National Forest
    • Douglas C. Allen: Aquatic Insects: Important Members of a Forest Community
    • News & Notes: Free Tree Booklet Available; Updated Tax Guide; Chew on This; Sludge Converted to Fertilizer
    • INDEX:The New York Forest Owner – 2001 Volume 39, Numbers 1-6

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