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1977 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 15, Number 1, January/February 1977

    • In the Mailbox
    • Messge from the President (Lloyd G. Strombeck): Plans for the N"YFOA European Trip
    • Ask a Forester (Dave Taber): Forest Acreage; Chestnut Blight; Odd Coloring in Knotty Pine
    • Burning Wood for Fuel by Dave Taber
    • Firewood by Fred E. Winch, Jr.
    • Chain Saw Safety Rules
    • Hot Water by Wood Heat by Roger Bienvenue
    • Wood Energy Bibliography
    • Build Yourself A SOLAR WOOD DRYER (Northern Logger)
    • Spring Meeting April 9th: Wildlife Habitat Improvement
    • Photo Contest for Unusual Trees
    • Black Walnut Trees for Sale
    • Landowner Liability for Recreationists by Michael Duttweiler
    • Outstanding Tree Farmer
    • A Beginner's Guide to Cross Country Skiing by Alan Knight
    • Come visit the forests of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany
    • Editorial (Alan R. Knight): Should your state legislators receive The Forest Owner?
    • Forest Owner General Store (classifieds)
  • Volume 15, Number 2, March/April 1977

    • In the Mailbox
    • Dan Hudon and his Lumbermaker
    • Photo Contest for Unusual Trees
    • Alex Dickson & John W. Kelly: Backyard Maple Syrup
    • King George Did Pine for Pine
    • NYFOA Annual Spring Meeting: Improving Wildlife Habitat
    • Summary of Board of Directors Meeting
    • Association Board of Trustees Acts on Several Issues
    • Making a Profit from Tree Farms
    • Evelyn Stock: Bird Feeding
    • Rod Cochran: Svend O. Heiberg, Forester
    • A. DeForest Marsters: WILDLIFE depends on Forest Owners, Foresters, and Wildlife Managers
    • Forest Owner General Store (classifieds)
    • Peter Trickey: A view of Tug Hill
  • Volume 15, Number 3, May/June 1977

    • In the Mailbox
    • Ask a Forester (David H. Hanaburgh; A. W. Roberts Jr.): Tree booklets on Forestry?; Harvesting and Preservation; Recently Moved to a Farm; You Should Sell Your Timber
    • Improve Your Woodlot by Cutting Firewood by Ken Lancaster and Clyde Hunt
    • New Pine Disease in New York State Fungus Could Spread Westward from NYS by James Beil
    • Scleroderris Canker and Red Pine Shoot Blight
    • Rebirth of an Industry... Return of the Log Cabin by A. DeForest Marsters
    • The Value of Your Woodlot by Hugh Canham
    • Who Belongs to the NYFOA: A Membership Profile 1977 by James P. Lassoie
    • Forest Owner General Store (classifieds)
    • Editorial (Alan R. Knight): European Trip (in progress); Special issues for NYS regions?; NYS forest taxes
  • Volume 15, Number 4, July/August 1977

    • In the Mailbox
    • Forest General Store (classifieds)
    • Lee Bummer: Myself a Tree (poem)
    • Ask a Forester (James P. Lassoie; A. W. Roberts, Jr.)
    • Robert W. Campbell: The Gypsy Moth and its Natural Enemies
    • Gypsy Moth Poses Threat to Many Areas in Southeastern and Northeastern New York
    • How to Treat Wounds - Prevent Decay
    • Dave Taber: Outstanding Tree Farmer Award to Franklin County Resident
    • Neil H. Ringler: Four Steps to Managing Your Stream or Pond
    • Maurice Postley Receives 1977 S. O. Heiberg Memorial Award
    • H. Peter Wood & Richard W. Kulis: ""Thence forty rods east to a chestnut tree."
    • Editorial
    • Message from the President
    • WOODSWALK Slated for Central New York
    • Music of the Forests: A Variable Feast
  • Volume 15, Number 6, November/December 1977

    • 1977 - 1978 NYFOA Committees
    • A Message from the Editor
    • Message from the President (C. Eugene Farnsworth)
    • Nominations for Heiberg Award
    • J. P. Lassoie: NYFOA Sponsore Conference on Woodburning
    • Howard O. Ward: Forestry Beginnings in the Southern Tier Of New York State
    • Robert Morrow and Thomas Gage: Fuelwood and Woodland Management
    • Woody Frichette: State Commission on Tug Hill is no Laughing Matter
    • Interview with a Sugar Maple
    • Forest Management Committee Named

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