1980 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 18, Number 1, January/February 1980

    • Announcement: NYFOA Scandinavian Tour Set for August
    • Phillip R. Smith, Jr.: The Fight to Save Our Endangered Trees
    • John Stanturf: Potential Losses Associated with Harvesting Forest Biomass Energy
    • Maurice D. Hinchey, Chairman: Report to the New York State Assembly Committee on Environmental Conservation
    • Christian Gearwar: Personal Observations of the Current Status of Forest Technology and Policy Regarding Private Landowners
    • John Stanturf: Opportunities and Obstacles in Using Biomass for Fuel
    • The Tree as Symbol
    • Richard Nason: Good Resource Management
    • Publications You Should Know About
  • Volume 18, Number 2, March/April 1980

    • Announcement: Annual Meeting
    • Howard O. Ward: Autobiography of a Tree Farm
    • Announcement: NYFOA Scandavian Tour
    • David W. Taber: Cooperatives in Forestry to Save Money
    • John T. Short, Chamberlain of Argyll: Notes on the Woodlands at Inverary (Scotland)
    • Sodra Skogsagarna (Sweden)
    • Robert R. Morrow: Thinning of Forest Lands
    • John A. Neyer: Wood-Polymer Composites and Their Industrial Applications
    • How to Make and Ash Broom
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): I Like Stumps
  • Volume 18, Number 3, May/June 1980

    • My Last President's Message (Bob Sand)
    • Ne York Forest Owners' Awards Luncheon
    • Financial Statement for Year Ending December 31, 1979
    • Scleroderris Canker
    • Wisconsin Woodland Owners Establish New Association
    • Announcement: Woodswalk- Wlko Lake Camps
    • The View from the President's Chair (Howard O. Ward)
    • Earl Pfarner: Cordwood Sales Tips
    • Air Pollution from Wood Burning
    • Directory of Forest Insect and Disease Management Representatives
    • Robert R. Morrow: Fuel from the Forest
    • Publications You Should Know About
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): The Present State of the Market
  • Volume 18, Number 4, July/August 1980

    • The View from the President's Chair (Howard O. Ward): Quality Christmas Trees
    • Announcement: Woodswalk- Logging Demonstration at the Ward Farm
    • Announcement: NYFOA Fall Meeting
    • Bob Emmonds: Gutchess Lumber Company Hosts Fall Meeting, October 1980
    • DEC Current Events (Robert Demeree)
    • Announcement: Woodswalk- Gilligan Mountain
    • Wood and Paint In and Round the House
    • Announcement: Woodswmen's Field Dayhs
    • Announcement: Forestry Camp
    • Forestry Management:
    • Work Comp. Insurance and Landowner's Firewood Liability Insurance
    • Line Trees Need not be Marked
    • Adjoing Owners
    • Property Boundary Trees
    • Publications You Should Know About
    • Wood and Moisture In and Around the Home
    • Broad Classification of Woods According to Characteristics
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): Small woodland owners can be taken advantage of by professional loggers
  • Volume 18, Number 5, September/October 1980

    • The View from the President's Chair (Howard O. Ward)
    • Forest Management Current Events (R. L. Demeree)
    • Reforestation Tax incentives
    • Announcement: Fall metting- Gutchess Lumber Company
    • Early Show of Color Signifies Maple Decline
    • Wood Furnaces- try comparing apples with apples
    • Report- Howard Ward Woods Walk
    • Furnaces Must Be Efficient
    • How does Wood Burn?
    • Watch Out for Creosote!
    • A. R. Eschner: Minutes, NYFOA Board of Directors' Meeting
    • Ed Lang: All About Axes
    • Tom Chamblee, Chimney Sweep: What's It Like to Have a Chimneyu Fire?
    • Publications You Should Know About
    • Dr. Paul Donohue: Hypothermia and the Elderly
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): What are the possibilities of growing Christmas trees on 10 acres of open land?
    • Report: Third Woods Walk Held in Shirley Forests
  • Volume 18, Number 6, November/December 1980

    • The 1980 Directory Issue
    • The View from the President's Chair (Howard O. Ward)
    • Neil Gutchess: Forest Resource in New York
    • Bylaws of New York Forst Owners Association, Inc.
    • Committees of NYFOA
    • The Heiberg Award
    • Alan R. Knight, former editor of NYFOA: A Look into the Future
    • Assistance for NY Forest Owners
    • Publications You Should Know About
    • DEC Regional Forestry Offices
    • NYFOA Award Winners
    • County Extension Offices
    • Directory- Alphabetical Listing and County Listing N.B. We have omitted, in this archive version, the listing of the ~480 individual names and addresses.
    • NYFOA Officers and Board of Directors 1980-1981

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