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2002 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 40, Number 1, January/February 2002

    • From the President: Introducing our new Executive Director, Daniel J. Palm
    • In The Mail: Follow-up on Controlling Invasive Species article; Crop Tree Management
    • Continuing Problem of Timber Theft
    • A Brighter Future for Pallets in the Northeast and Lake States
    • News & Notes Online Database of Demonstration Forests; Stream Steward Restoration Guide
    • Invasive Plants - Part I
    • General Director Candidates - Ballot Included
    • 40th Annual Spring Meeting
    • Woodlot Calendar
    • Douglas C. Allen: The Oak Skeletonizer
    • Statewide Fall Meeting 2001
    • Internet Resources to Connect Private Woodland Owners
    • Over the River & Through the Woods
  • Volume 40, Number 2, March/April 2002

    • From the President: NYFOAns active on many fronts
    • In the Mail: Response to Timber Theft; Crop Tree Release
    • Opinion: Trade Twists
    • Wood Lot Tools and Equipment (Free Advice... Work Safely)
    • News & Notes: White Spruce Seedlings; Signs at Logging Sites; Download Publications
    • Invasive Plants - Part II
    • Master Forest Owner (MFO) Class of 2001
    • Education and More
    • Woodlot Calendar
    • Collembolans Spring to Life in March and April
    • Trail Development to Improve Your Property
    • Performance of Fall-Lifted Red Pine Seedlings
  • Volume 40, Number 3, May/June 2002

    • From the President: Little acts of volunteering add up; Thanks to all those who've volunteered
    • In The Mail: We're not just being nosey!; Chapter Input
    • The Future of Timber Supply in the U.S.
    • Woodlot Thinning to Achieve Landowner's Goals
    • Invasive Plants - Part III
    • NYFOA Awards: Heiberg Award to Albert W. Brown; Outstanding Service Award to Donald G. Brown
    • Special Recognition Award to Debbie Gill
    • News & Notes: Now Available!!; Useful Web Page
    • NYS Legislature Considers Bills Affecting Forest Landowners
    • The Role of Silviculture in Pest Management
    • Timber Theft - An Update on Activities of the Timber Theft Advisory Committee
    • Southern Adirondack Chapter Visits Old Tupelo Trees
  • Volume 40, Number 4, July/August 2002

    • From the Vice-President: NYFOA in the 21st Century
    • In the Mail: May/June Issue; Story of a Spring Planting
    • 2002 Farm Bill Provides Assistance to Forest Landowners
    • A Tale of Two Visits: One a Victory, One a Draw
    • Ask the Forester: What is the accuracy of a typical Global Positioning System (GPS) hand held receiver if no post-processing is used and there is no selective availability imposed by the government?
    • Woodlot Calendar
    • Advice from the Lucky
    • Stone Walls: A Great Place to Cross Over
    • Douglas C. Allen: The Checkered Beetles: Well Equipped to Search & Destroy
    • Help for Forest Regeneration
    • NYSAF Summer 2002 Meeting
    • Oh to be a Logger
    • A World View of Forests
  • Volume 40, Number 5, September/October 2002

    • From the President: New Zealand experience; Let us know what you'd like to see in the Forest Owner
    • NYFOA Member News: Jill Cornell Steps Down; Eric Rasmussen, Friend of the Forest
    • John Olney Named Tree Farmer of the Year
    • Logging off the Third Reich
    • Woodlot Calendar
    • News & Notes: We're considering moving our annual meeting to the New York Farm Show
    • Amending the New York Forest Tax Law Could Help Maintain the Forested Working Landscape
    • Managing a New York Conifer Plantation - Rattlesnake Hill Wildlife Management Area
    • Douglas C. Allen: Beetles That Damage White Ash
    • The FLTC Tax Report - News from the Forest Landowners Tax Council
    • Developing a Woodlot Stewardship Management Plan
  • Volume 40, Number 6, November/December 2002

    • From the President: NY is a mosaic of many thousands of individually owned woodland properties; FLEP in 2002 Farm Bill
    • NYFOA 2003 Spring Meeting
    • Woods and Wildlife
    • DEC's Cooperating Forester Program
    • HOW TO: Maintain Forest Roads
    • Woodlot Calendar
    • News & Notes NYFOA Booth Awarded Ribbon; Nature Conservancy Partners with NYS to Protect 44,650 Acres
    • Fish in Ponds & Lakes: Good Management Choices
    • Douglas C. Allen: The Yellow Birch Leaf Folder
    • INDEX: The New York Forest Owner – 2002 Volume 40, Numbers 1-6

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