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2004 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 42, Number 1, January/February 2004

    • From the President: NYFOA's role in legislation- Timber Theft, FLEP, and now Forestry Awareness Day
    • In Memory of John Krebs
    • HOW TO: Determine if Pines Need Thinning
    • Southern Finger Lakes Chapter Delivers a Solid Program
    • Tom Cutter: NYFOA Disbursement Administrator
    • Another Use for Cull Trees
    • NYFOA General Director Candidates
    • 42rd Annual Spring Meeting
    • In Praise of Aspen
    • Douglas C. Allen: Insects and the Decomposition of Woody Material
    • Woodlot Calendar
    • News & Notes: Director Update vis e-mail; Update on NYFOA Scholarship Fund
    • Book Review: Trees, Shrubs, and Vines for Attracting Birds
  • Volume 42, Number 2, March/April 2004

    • From the President: Impact of FLEP on private forests in New York
    • Just the Facts: Forest Certification
    • HOW TO: Buy an Ax
    • Biodiversity in Post-Agricultural Forests
    • Becoming a Wildflower Fan
    • Why New York's RPTL §480-a Does Not Encourage Forest Stewardship
    • Forest Land Enhancement Program (FLEP)
    • Douglas C. Allen: Insect Growth and Development – strange but true!
    • Know Your Trees: Eastern White Pine
    • Another Great Grass Roots Volunteer Program
  • Volume 42, Number 3, May/June 2004

    • From the President: More Members Needed
    • In The Mail: NY's RPTL 480-a; Job Well Done on the Forest Owner; Thank you for Heiberg Award; Sudden Oak Death
    • HOW TO: Stake Newly Planted Trees
    • Further Thoughts Regarding 480-a
    • Ask a Professional: How can I find a consulting forester who will work on an hourly basis, rather than on commission?
    • Conservation versus preservation: Is there any middle ground where each may win?
    • Common Ground: Ruffed Grouse Society and NYFOA
    • NYFOA Awards: Heiberg Award to Jack McShane; Outstanding Service Award to Hugh and Janet Canham
    • Chapters Recognize One of Their Own
    • Know Your Trees: Pitch Pine
    • Douglas C. Allen: Sugar Maple Petiole Borer and a Stem Borer of Black Cherry
    • Ten Environmental Benefits of Forestry
    • Commentary: The Catskills & The Nature Conservancy
    • We Are All A Part Of Nature- It surrounds, permeates and includes us, says the author
    • Just the Facts: Statistics on NY Forest Products Industry
  • Volume 42, Number 4, July/August 2004

    • From the President: Property Tax Growth; Next Executive Director In both investments and forestry patience is rewarded
    • In the Mail: Timber Theft
    • HOW TO: Understand the Timberland Appraisal Process
    • ATV Log Cart
    • Ask A Professional: I want to self-harvest my marketable trees, accumulate them on a landing, and offer them for competitive bid. Is this a feasible plan? How long can the logs be accumulated before they degrade in value?
    • Boonville Business on the Right Track
    • Two Heroes of American Forestry
    • Douglas C. Allen: Forest Owners Must Adjust to Tent Caterpillar Defoliation
    • Sustainable Forestry at Indian Chimney Farm
    • News & Notes: Warren County Tree Farmers Recognized; Tug Hill Forest Owner’s Handbook Completed
  • Volume 42, Number 5, September/October 2004

    • From the President: More Members Needed
    • In the Mail: ATV Log Cart Article; NYFOA Name Change
    • HOW TO: Maintain Forest Boundary Lines
    • Ask a Professional: What has happened to the price of white ash? Should I hold off harvesting mature ash in hope that the price will improve?
    • Forest Owner Response to Spring and Summer Storms
    • The Forest Nobody Knows
    • Path Leads Way to Pollution Protection of Water Supply
    • Douglas C. Allen: Caterpillars of Some Common Giant Silkworms and Royal Moths
    • News & Notes: Forestry success in FLEP
    • Know Your Trees: Red Pine
  • Volume 42, Number 6, November/December 2004

    • From the Executive Director: 2005 A Year of Opportunities
    • In the Mail: Enjoyed Forest Owner; Consulting Forester Fees
    • HOW TO: Design a Woodland Trail
    • Sudden Oak Death - Not Just a West Coast Problem
    • Tree Identification in Winter
    • Abandoned Town Roads - Some Perspective for Landowners, Loggers and Others Engaged in Disputed Rights of Access
    • Commentary – New York’s Forest Tax Law 480A
    • Douglas C. Allen: The Startling Beech Blight Aphid
    • INDEX: The New York Forest Owner – 2004 Volume 42, Numbers 1-6
    • Know Your Trees: Red Spruce

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