Volume 21, Number 3, May/June 1983

  • The President's Message (Paul Steinfeld)
  • Letters
  • Heiberg Award Winner- David W. Taber
  • Outstanding Service Award: Evelyn Campbell Stock
  • Report: NYFOA Annual Meeting
  • Announcement: A Forest Owners' Fall Foliage Tour
  • A. N. Richards: Urban Forestry- Greenspace and Urban Trees
  • Ask A Forester (Al Roberts): Real Property Taxes and How They Got That Way
  • David Tricoli Develops Cloning at E.S.F.
  • 1982 Spruce Budworm Impact Analyzed
  • Forest Bookshelf
  • On The Calendar
  • Gypsy Moth Problem Will be Back in 1983
  • Professor Morrow to Retire
  • New Fuel Wood Film
  • Cable Yarding Project
  • Letter to the Editor: CARE's forest restoration project(s)
  • Study Shows Forest Land Owners are Paying Excessive Income Taxes
  • John Thorington: T.S.I.- An Economic Perspective
  • Sawtimber Prices in 1982
  • Log Rules

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