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1996 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 34, Number 1, January/February 1996

    • President's Message (Bill Minerd)
    • The Seventh American Forest Congress
    • David Colligan: Timber Taxes
    • How the 1995 Microburst Storm Changed the Structure of the Dubar Forest
    • Mike Greason: Life Without Incentives
    • Tree Shelter Feedback
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • Letters
    • Patricia Kay & Dorthy Darling: Winterscapes - Horeshoes Falls Ontario
    • Future Trends in Demand for New York State Wood Products
    • The Game of Logging
    • Logging Safety Options
    • Douglas Allen: Adirondack Windstorms and Insects
    • Jane Sorenson Lord: Stormy Weather
  • Volume 34, Number 2, March/April 1996

    • President's Message (Bill Minerd)
    • Norman Richards: Planting Forests in New York - A History of Changing Resources and Values
    • Patricia Kay & Dorthy Darling: Winterscapes - Ice House
    • NYFOA Spring Meeting Agenda
    • Nominations for Directors
    • Dinnie Sloman: Visions for the Long Term
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • Ask a Forester (Gerry Kachmor): Boundary Lines; Forest Tax Law; Income Tax; Mowing; New Ponds; Roads; State Land
    • Henry Kernan: Beech and Beechen
    • Peter S. Levatich: Elegant Kindling
    • Return of a Native - River Otter
    • Douglas Allen: Using USFS Inventory Data to Assess the Health of New York's Forest
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: An Herb is not a Drug - an' a little dab'll do ya
  • Volume 34, Number 3, May/June 1996

    • President's Message (Bill Minerd)
    • Of Woods & People in the Roberts Family
    • Douglas Allen: Elm Spamworm, A Frequent Visitor to Eastern Forests
    • John C. Marchant: Who Are We and Why Are We Here?
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • Letters
    • Peter S. Levatich: Management Plans
    • Mike Greason: Symposium on Nonindustrial Private Forests: Learning from the Past, Prospects for the Future
    • More on Land and Its Roots
    • David J. Colligan: New Legislation
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: Tree Magic
  • Volume 34, Number 4, July/August 1996

    • President's Message (Bill Minerd)
    • Peter Levatich: Risky Branching
    • Michael Greason: Shady Reflections (or Stopping by Woods in the Summer Heat)
    • Gary Goff: Wanted! Forest Owners to Help Neighbors
    • Some Do's and Don'ts
    • Henry Kernan: The Galapagos Islands
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • Letters
    • Awards
    • David Colligan: Death and Taxes
    • NYS Forest Practice Act of 1946
    • John Braubitz: Japanese Knotweed
    • NY Logger Training Provides Benefits
    • Douglas C. Allen: Be on the Lookout for Bruce Spanworm
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: Afraid of the Woods?
  • Volume 34, Number 5, September/October 1996

    • President's Message (Bill Minerd)
    • Norman Richards: Pruning Trees for Pleasure and Profit
    • John Braubitz: Gymnocladus dioica
    • Peter S. Levatich: Of Dangers, Accidents, & Risks
    • Editorial (R. J. Fox): We Believe
    • Saving the American Chestnut Through Genetic Engineering - Part Two
    • Henry Kernan: Jamaica's Hillside Farmers
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • J.E.Coufal: Leaf
    • Letters
    • Michael Greason: Pay a Consultant?
    • Michael Greason: If You Want SIP
    • Road & Trail Construction and Water Diversions
    • 1996 NYFOA Fall Meeting
    • The NYFOA Scholarship Fund
    • Douglas C. Allen: The Cicadas
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: My Garden Grows Contrary
  • Volume 34, Number 6, November/December 1996

    • Guest Editorial: Green Certification: Maybe We're Nuts
    • The Fall Meeting
    • BioMass-For-Bioenergy: A New Agri-Forest Crop Slated for Commercialization
    • NYS Conservation Council Awards
    • John Braubitz: Nuts to Meat?
    • The Master Forest Owner/COVERTS Program
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • Leadership Conference/Editorial Meeting
    • Henry Kernan: The Green Cape that is Brown
    • Highlights on the Life of Dr. Hardy L. Shirley, Dean Emeritus at SUNY-ESF
    • David J. Colligan: Death and Taxes
    • Douglas C. Allen: The Pine Bark Adelgid
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: Herbs are Fun

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