Volume 21, Number 5, September/October 1983

  • The President's Message (Paul Steinfeld)
  • Minutes of the 141st Board Meeting
  • Registration- NYFOA Fall Meeting
  • HELP! (get more NYFOA members)
  • N. A. Richards: Firewood Thinning
  • Safe Chain Saws Prevent Injuries
  • No Land Tax and South African Foresters
  • Letters to the Editor: Could This Happen in Your Town? (Mike Demeree)
  • Timber Firms Moving to South as Supplies in Northwest Diminish
  • The Timber Industry in New York Continues to Grow
  • Trees May Alert Other Trees to Danger, Scientist Believe
  • A Computer May Hold the Answer for Foresters who Want to Accurately Estimate Tree Crop Yield
  • A. W. Roberts, Jr.: Land Taxes - Here's What We Pay
  • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): Another View on Tree Planting

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