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1984 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 22, Number 1, January/February 1984

    • The President's Message (Paul Steinfeld)
    • Norman L. VanValkenburgh: The Saratoga Nursery
    • Al Roberts: Property #2 - Sandlot
    • N. A. Richards: Selling Some Oak Sawtimber
    • David E. Belford and Melvin E. Jenkins: How to Blaze Boundaries
    • Tree Farm Safety: Chain Saws
    • Howard & Richard Ward: Observations on Forestry in Japan
    • Forest Bookshelf
    • On the Calendar
    • Announcement: NYFOA to Visit U.K. Forest Owners
    • Letter to the Editor: Response to survey questionnaire
    • Energy Tree for the Eighties- Hybrid Poplars
    • Doug Monteith: How Much Does a Tree Weigh?
  • Volume 22, Number 2, March/April 1984

    • The President's Message (Paul Steinfeld)
    • Letter to the Editor
    • N. A. Richards: Urban Forestry- Trees Around Our Homes
    • Why Men Survive
    • Announcement: NYFOA TV Program
    • Promising New Treatment for Dutch Elm Disease
    • Douglas C. Allen and Lewis J. Staats: The Maple Borer
    • Deducting Lost Timber From Your Income Tax
    • Natural Target Pruning
    • Forest Bookshelf
    • Forest Practice Board proposes Empire Forest Association
    • Solicitation for Advertisers
    • Many Forest Landowners Pay Too Much Income Tax; Do you?
    • On the Calendar
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): Protesting the cutback of the DEC Forest Ranger force
  • Volume 22, Number 3, May/June 1984

    • The President's Message (Paul Steinfeld): Exploring NYFOA's absorbtion into DEC's nascent Empire Forest Association
    • Al Roberts: More on Timber Taxes
    • Announcement: NY Forest Owners to Tour Britain
    • NYFOA Board Adopts New Mission and Objectives
    • Photos Preserve Your Trees, Plants
    • Cable Logging System to be Tested in New York
    • Stumpage Price Report: January 1984
    • Bill Lynch: Our Forest
    • Lillian Millman: Record Keeping
    • Cornell Offering Home Study Course for Woodland Owners
    • Forest Bookshelf
    • Peter Martin: Heritage Land
    • On the Calendar
  • Volume 22, Number 4, July/August 1984

    • President's Message (Mary McCarty)
    • On the Calendar
    • New Organization Formed (Northern Forest Institute)
    • Al Roberts: Anatomy of a Timber Sale
    • Minutes of the 22 Annual Meeting NYFOA
    • 1984 Heiberg Memorial Award - John W. Kelly
    • 1984 NYFOA Outstanding Service Award- Dorothy Wertheimer
    • An Invitation for NY Forest Owners to tour Scotland
    • Announcemets: Three Summer Woods Walks
    • Forest Preserve Centennial Celebration
    • Cutting Trees for Firewood Threatens Furniture Industry, Wood Lots' Future (newspaper reprint)
    • Forest Bookshelf
    • Announcement: NYFOA Fall Meeting - Sagamore Lodge
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): Easement problem
    • Letter: Argument against merging with proposed DEC organization
  • Volume 22, Number 5, September/October 1984

    • President's Message (Mary McCarty): Remembrances
    • On the Calendar
    • Ralph Nyland: Management Methods
    • R. M. Beal: Sam Bonasa Umbrellas
    • NYFOA Financial Statement as of June, 1984
    • Stuart McCarty: Liability Insurance Coverage- Do We Need More?
    • The American Tree Farm System
    • Forest Bookshelf
    • Announcement: Cornell's Arnot Forest Site of Spectacular Forestry Equipment Show
    • Urban Forestry (James Ehmann): The New Scourage of Elms
    • Gavin McKenzie, New Zealand Forest Service: Trees- A comment on Joint Venture
    • Letters to the Editor
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): Comment on "weed" trees
  • Volume 22, Number 6, November/December 1984

    • The Directory Issue
    • President's Message (Mary McCarty): Trees, Glorious Trees
    • David Hanaburg: NYFOA Historical Notes
    • The Heiberg Award
    • NYFOA Outstanding Service Award
    • John V. Berglund, Dean SUNY-ESF School of Forestry: Does Forestry Have a Future in New York?
    • Bylaws of New York Forest Association, Inc.
    • Ken & Ruth Eberley: How Did I Get Involved in Forestry?
    • Woodland Owners' Forest Management Checklist of Resources
    • Report: Sagamore Meeting
    • David W. Taber: Sleeping Giant Awakes
    • Ask A Forester (Al Roberts): What are members interested in?; Indians cannot legally cut black ash on any land but their own.
    • Report: NYFOA Woods Walks in 1984
    • Francis A. Demeree: "480-A"- New York State Forest Tax Law Update
    • Comparison Document (present vs. proposed) Section 480a of the Real Property Tax Law
    • Stumpage Price Report: July, 1984
    • Robert Edmonds: Estimating Timber in Your Woodlot
    • Cooperative Extension Offices
    • Member Directory (~675 listed). Note- We have not included in this archival edition the 10 pages of members' names and addresses.
    • Directory- County Listing
    • NYFOA Board of Directors
    • NYFOA Committees
    • Forest Bookshelf

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