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1995 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 33, Number 1, January/February 1995

    • President's Message (Don Wagner)
    • Peter Levatich: NY STR8 3S
    • NY Forest Inventory
    • David Colligan: What'll You Do with the Farm When You're Gone?
    • Ron Pedersen: It's Too Late Once Your Tree...
    • Mike Greason: Master Forest Owners are Special People
    • Frustrations of a Master Forest Owner
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • Elizabeth Densmore: A Dollar and a Sweet Dream
    • Douglas Allen: 1994 - The Year of the Defoliator
    • Ecological Management - The Human Element is more than Population
    • Ask a Forester (Dinnie Sloman): Know Your Forester
    • The Earth at its Best
    • Jane S. Lord: The Gotsch Land, Sullivan County: Settled 1895
  • Volume 33, Number 2, March/April 1995

    • President's Message (Don Wagner)
    • Henry Kernan: Watda Owanogi
    • Sugarin' Research in the Adirondacks
    • For Higher Stumpage, Sell the Stump
    • Grass Carp - A New Option for Aquatic Plant Control
    • Gary Goff: Wanted - MFOs to Help Neighbors
    • Johm Marchant: Eco-System Management & Non-Industrial Private Land Owners
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • Editorial: Forestry in Crisis
    • Wisconsin Company Patents Tree
    • The Tao of Woodstacking
    • Douglas Allen: The Oak Twig Pruner
    • David J. Colligan: Family Limited Partnerships
    • Update: Timber Theft and Trespass
    • Ask a Forester (Bruce Robinson): Tree Shelters?
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: Rockin' and Ridin'
    • Nominations for Directors of the Association
    • NYFOA 33rd Annual Spring Meeting
  • Volume 33, Number 3, May/June 1995

    • President's Message (Don Wagner)
    • Forestry & Biodiversity in Westchester County Parks
    • The Northern Forest Lands Council Propsed Actions that Would Benefit Private Forest Land Owners
    • Henry Kernan: The NY Forest Inventory Preliminary Report
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • Ask a Forester (Robert Howard): Why the Commission?
    • An Epidemic of Highgrading
    • Douglas Allen: Gall Making Insects - unisghtly, yet ingenious
    • Peter S. Levatich: Light
    • Peter S. Levatich: What Size Your Saw Logs?
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: On Early Spring Herbs
  • Volume 33, Number 4, July/August 1995

    • President's Message (Bill Minerd)
    • Paul D. Manion: The Forest Behind the Trees - Regulators, Terminators, and Resource Recovery Agents
    • Henry Kernan: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes
    • NYFOA's Fall Meeting Schedule
    • Ron Pedersen: Timber Thieves Beware
    • Book Review:The Northern Forest
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • Betty Densmore: 33rd Annual Spring Meeting
    • Awards
    • Betty Densmore: John Marchant
    • Homer E. Stennett: Stream Corridors
    • Don Steger: Firewood was the Answer
    • Douglas C. Allen: Ambrosia Beetles
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: Guys & Dolls
  • Volume 33, Number 5, September/October 1995

    • President's Message (Bill Minerd)
    • Norman Richards: Useful Ecological Concepts for Our Regrown Forests
    • Peter Levatich: Does Your Forest Land Have Roots?
    • Henry Kernan: The Kindly Beech - A legend of the Chianti Hills
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • Letters
    • David Colligan: Timber Contracts
    • Guest Editorial: Let it Rot
    • The 1995 NYFOA Fall Meeting
    • Douglas C. Allen: Return of the Larch Casebearer
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: A Cure for Count Dracula
  • Volume 33, Number 6, November/December 1995

    • President's Message (Bill Minerd)
    • John Gibbs: A Few Thoughts on the Big Blow of '95
    • Forest Rangers Warn of Increased Risks to Hunters
    • Dick Fox: Hills and Hollers
    • Rick Percoco: Who Says They Don't Lend on Land?
    • The Seventh Ametican Forest Congress - Many Voices, A Common Vision
    • NYS DEC Reduces Services to Private Property Owners
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • Letters
    • Michael J. Birmingham: Healthy Forests: DEC's Role
    • NYFOA's Fall Meeting
    • Douglas C. Allen: The Soft Scales
    • Gary Goff: NY's Crop of Master Forest Owner/COVERTS Volunteers Top 130!
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: Some Buggy Management

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