1985 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 23, Number 1, January/February 1985

    • In the Mailbox: Biggest Hornbeam?; Advice Wanted
    • A Message From the President (Mary Soons McCarty)
    • Cornell Scientists Seek Tree Crop Project
    • DOUBLE-DECK DOUBLE-CROPPING by Ted Blankenship
    • New I.R.S. Rules for Forest Owners
    • Most Wood or Coal Stoves in Use are Unsafe
    • Big Logging Show Helped Land Owners
    • Why Did All Those Cones Develop This Year? by Jack Hamel
    • Ask a Forester (David T. Mance, Jr., Brian Downing, Norm Richards): Surveyor Needed; Computer Paper?; Big Seed Crop
    • New Publications
    • Woodlot Shop (classifieds)
  • Volume 23, Number 2, March 1985

    • In the Mailbox
    • A Message From the President (Mary Soons McCarty)
    • Alan Knight: March: Mud, Maple and Money
    • Russell S. Walters: Haulin' In The Sap
    • Announcement: Spring Woodswalk in Westchester
    • New in the Woodlot (commercial products)
    • Robert Morrow: Sugar Bush Management
    • Announcement: Five Woods-walks Set for Coming Year
    • John Gifford: Computers and the Forest Owner
    • Ask a Forester (Alan R. Knight, Curtis H. Bauer, Lewis Staats)
    • Woodlot Shop (classifieds)
  • Volume 23, Number 3, May/June 1985

    • In The Mailbox
    • A Message From the President (Mary Soons McCarty)
    • NYFOA Outstanding Service Award to David H. Hanaburgh
    • New in the Woodlot (commercial products)
    • Ed Klimuska: Trees in a Hurry- Morton Fry's Hybrid Poplars
    • A New York Perspective on Hybrid Poplars
    • NYFOA Spring Meeting Highlighted Woodlot Opportunities
    • Robert Morrow, Lawrence Hamilton, and Fred Winch, Jr.: A Forest Owner's Guide to Tree Planting
    • Potter Wins Heiberg Award
    • NYFOA Treasurer's Report
    • Ask a Forester (A. W. Roberts; Ken Franke) White Pines Weevil; Mice damage
    • Woodlot Shop (classifieds)
  • Volume 23, Number 4, August 1985

    • In the Mailbox
    • A Message From the President (Mary Soons McCarty)
    • Richard Fox: Cayuga Chapter is born
    • Richard Fox: Moment In History
    • Members and officers of Cayuga Chapter
    • Kathleen Kent: The Twelve Months of Christmas
    • Announcement: NYFOA Fall Meeting with Catskill Group Offers Splendid Outing
    • James D. Scott: Trade Up and Defer Taxes by Swapping Timber
    • Jack Hamel Playing with Black Walnut
    • Earl Pfarner: One Man's Walnuts
    • Announcement: August Woods Walk
    • Woodlot Shop (classifieds)
    • Ask a Forester (Douglas Monteith; Alan R. Knight; K. Goh; Richard Hale)
  • Volume 23, Number 5, October 1985

    • In The Mailbox
    • Editorial (Alan Knight): Passing of Dave Hanaburgh
    • Report: Woods Walks- 'Something New at Each One'
    • Markets Report
    • Alan Knight: Wood Chips Can Heat, Earn More for Farmers
    • Administration's Tax Axe Unpopular with Many Forestry Officials
    • Ben Franklin's Favorite
    • Gary Sargent: Drafthorsemen Learn Logging
    • Dick Fox on Cayuga Chapter... Chapter and Verse-
    • New in the Woodlot (commercial products)
    • Woodlot Shop (classifieds)

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