1989 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 27, Number 1, January/February 1989

    • President's Message (J. Morgan Heussler)
    • Snow Shoeing - Both Work and Play
    • Chapter Reports
    • Report from Nov. Director's Meeting
    • Howard O. Ward: Wood in Pipe Organs?
    • Ask a Forester (Wes Suhr): Freshwater Wetlands Act
    • New Study of Zone, Acid Rain
    • Letters
  • Volume 27, Number 2, March/April 1989

    • President's Message (J. Morgan Heussler)
    • Saratoga Springs Nursery
    • Chapter Reports
    • Legislative Report (Don Gilbert)
    • Woodland Management Home Study Course Offered
    • Planting
    • Ask a Forester (Wes Suhr): Freshwater Wetlands Act (continued)
    • 480-a: Preparation Avoids Surprises
    • Maple Syrup from Your Woodlot
  • Volume 27, Number 3, May/June 1989

    • President's Message (J. Morgan Heussler)
    • Mary Beth Kehoe: Keeper of the Woods
    • Chapter Reports
    • New Chapter Formed
    • Don Gilbert: Legislative Report
    • Michael J. Birmingham: Inspect Trees Now
    • Louis Tirrito: Tree Diseases and Pests: Armillaria Root Rot
    • Ask a Forester (Wes Suhr)
    • A (NYFOA) Logo is Born
    • 1989 Woodswalk Schedule
    • Woodswomen's Contests Announced
  • Volume 27, Number 4, July/August 1989

    • President's Message (J. Morgan Heussler): A Tribute to Earl Pfarner
    • Dick Fox: NYFOA's 1989 Annual Spring Meeting Report
    • Robert Sand: The 1989 Heiberg Memorial Award to Willard G. Ives
    • Howard O. Ward: The Outstanding Service Award to Alan Knight
    • NYFOA Chapter and Affiliate Reports
    • Anthony Del Vescovo: What is a Consulting Forester?
    • Letter to the Editor: Suggestion for NYFOA raising funds
    • Ask a Forester (Wes Suhr)
    • Guest Editorial (Gregg Wellott): Woods Wisdom Woodland Management
    • Floyd King: Safe Canopy
  • Volume 27, Number 5, September/October 1989

    • President's Message (J. Morgan Heussler)
    • Letter to Editor (Mark L. Johnson): Member Questions 'Plant' That Could Replace Pulpwood
    • Jane E. Brody: Scientists Eye Ancient African Plant
    • NYFOA's Fall Meeting - Speakers and Schedule
    • Chapter Reports
    • Ask a Forester (Wes Suhr): Making a Stand Analysis
    • Morgan Heussler: On Bartering Firewood
    • Support Bill that Encourages Productive Timberlands
    • David W. Taber: NYC Adirondacker is Outstanding Tree Farmer
    • Elizabeth Densmore: Getting Firewood - The Distaff View

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