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1976 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 14, Number 1, January/February 1976

    • William W. Ballagh: Forest Owners Tour Arnot Forest
    • Editorial (Alan R. Knight): Inaugural editorial
    • Letters to the Editor
    • Forest Owners School a Great Success... (Robert M. Sand)
    • Fred Winch, Jr. Retires
    • A Glance Over My Shoulder (Fred Winch, Jr.): The growing value of land and trees.
    • Let's convert adversity to forestry opportunity
    • How to Change Your Association By Laws
    • Assorted Publications You Should Know About
  • Volume 14, Number 2, March/April 1976

    • Photo Contest for Unusual Trees by Evelyn Stock
    • In the Mailbox
    • Editorial (Alan R. Knight): Grateful for enthusiastic authors& Should forest owners get tax breaks?
    • What's With the Forest Tax Law?
    • Forest Owner Association Airs Commercials
    • Woods Walks- a favorite association activity
    • the American Tree Farm System
    • Watch Out for Beech Bark Disease By A.W. Roberts Jr.
    • market trends in hardwoods
    • Healing Trees
    • Annual Meeting Program: There's more than trees in your forest
    • A Logger Tells a Tale by Ronald Baldwin
    • Expeetations and Realities of the Urban Forest Owner by C. Eugene Farnsworth
    • Candidates for Board of Directors NY Forest Owners Association
    • Tax Time (Can spring be far behind?)
  • Volume 14, Number 3, May/June 1976

    • Forty Years of Woodlot Management Pay Off by Alex Dickson
    • In the Mailbox
    • Editorial (Alan R. Knight): Preparation for European Tour
    • THE FOREST OWNERS FORUM: The New York Forest Tax Law
    • Woodswalks
    • Photo Contest Entry
    • European Forestry Adventure!
    • A Logger Tells a Tale by Ronald Baldwin
  • Volume 14, Number 4, July/August 1976

    • Editorial
    • Photo Contest for Unusual Trees: White Pine Branches into new Trees
    • G. A. Van Horn: Pot increases Tree Production
    • Paul M. Kelsey: Conservation Comments
    • Woodland $$ and Sense
    • Textile Manufacturer Switching from Oil to Wood Chips for Power
    • Biltmore Estate... Cradle of American Forestry
    • Dave Taber: New Conservation Commissioner Installs State Forest Practice Board Officers
    • Events: Woodswalk to Shirley Forests
    • Bill Turner: Owners Unite for Better Forests
    • Particleboard made from Forest Residues
    • Announcements
  • Volume 14, Number 5, September/October 1976

    • In the Mailbox: The Fred Nager (pp. 6-7) article is a birthday gag
    • Editorial
    • Ask a Forester (Dave Taber): Is there a market for Scotch pine?
    • Robert R. Monroe: Is management-by-compartments for YOU?
    • Fall Woodswalk
    • The Ithaca Journal: Fred Najer is Feted at 80! (see "In the Mailbox", above)
    • E. N. Moot: Non-Forest Owners... a view from Pinewald
    • Hardy Shirley shows "It can be done" (Shirley woodswalk)
    • Come visit the forests of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany
    • Chestnut Tree Blight Cure
    • Ronald Baldwin: A Logger Tells a Tale
    • NY Forest Tax Update
  • Volume 14, Number 6, November/December 1976

    • In the Mailbox
    • Message from the President (Lloyd G. Strombeck)Membership is at 570 and growing thank to baord and committees.
    • Christmas Tree Growing ... are you and your land suited? by Alan Knight
    • Photo Contest for Unusual Trees
    • You Should Sell Your Timber by A. W. Roberts
    • Deer Forest by A. DeForest Marsters
    • Ah... the beauty of a pond. by Howard Ward
    • We always called 'em SWAMPS, but now they're "wetlands" and protected!
    • NYFOA at Woodsmen's Field Days

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