1987 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 25, Number 1, January/February 1987

    • An Open Letter (Richard E. Garrett, President: Joint ventture with the American Agriculturist for publishing/distributing this magazine
    • In The Mailbox
    • Nancy Kriz: Coverts Project
    • Alan Knight: Verner Hudson - Tree Farm Entrepreneur
    • Market Prices
    • New in the Woodlot
    • Alfred Sive: Timberstand Improvement - CFA Style
    • Bonnie Colton: The Tug Hill Sage - Elwin Rowell
    • Ask a Forester (Wes Suhr): Chestnut Revival; Firewood Harvesting Equipment; Firewood- Hards vs. Softs
    • Chris Kimball: Forest Owners use Logic
    • Regional Reports
    • Christmas Trees - Boom Industry
    • John Thorington: How to Hire a Forester
    • David W. Hollis: Maple Man with a Maple Mission - Lewis Staats
    • Woodcuts
  • Volume 25, Number 2, March/April 1987

    • In the Mailbox
    • Jay Richter: '87 Rules for Woodlot Taxes
    • Market Prices
    • Alfred Sive: Portrait of Forest Owners - The Dunbar's Catskill Forest Home
    • Book Review (Alex L. Shigo): A New Tree Biology & A New Tree Biology Dictionary
    • Deborah Straw: Dollars from Balsam
    • Alan Knight: Bright Forestry Venture
    • Alan Knight: The Compleat Maple Business - Merle Farms, Attica, NY
    • Aid to Rural Economy - The Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) program
    • Regional Reports
    • Ask a Forester (Wes Suhr): Mesoskidders Needed; Toxic Brome?; Chestnuts
    • NYFOA News
    • Alfred Sive: NYFOA to Lobby?
    • by Roger Pond: Declining enrollments in agricultural colleges
    • Woodcuts
  • Volume 25, Number 3, May/June 1987

    • In The Mailbox
    • New in the Woodlot
    • Rick Marsi: One Man's Woods - Howard Ward
    • Williams Wins Heiberg Award
    • Dick Allyn: Capturing Your Woodlot on Film
    • Michael Greason: My Woodlot Investment
    • Regional Reports
    • Jay Richter: Endangered Species / Endangered Sprays
    • Deborah Straw: Peter Purinton's Tubing Tool
    • by Roger Pond
    • Woodcuts Alan Knight - The Sovereign's Deer
  • Volume 25, Number 4, July/August 1987

    • In the Mailbox
    • John Ahrens: The State of the Art Herbicides for Christmas Tree Production
    • Katy Kruesi: Calibrating Your Backpack Sprayer
    • Market Prices
    • Rick Marsi: The Fight of Dean Frost
    • Dick Allyn: Getting Great Nature Shots
    • Ask a Forester (Wes Suhr): Hard and Soft of It; Mesoskidders Revisited
    • Regional Reports
    • New in the Woodlot
    • Joseph Albino: Streamlined Sugaring
    • Woodcuts: Robert O. Richter - Logging Zoning and Forest Owners

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