2016 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 54, Number 1, January/February 2016

    • From the President (Charles Stackhouse): Upcoming Events- New York Farm Show and the Annual Meeting
    • NY Farm Show Program
    • Ask a Professional (Peter Smallidge): Aren't they all just "pines"?
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlands (Kristi Sullivan): Mink
    • Carl Wiedemann: Is It All About Money?
    • Proposed Ammendments To NYFOA Bylaws
    • NYFOA Board of Director Candidates
    • 54th Annual Spring Program
    • Woodland Health (Mark Whitmore and Caroline Marschner): Let's Pitch In To Save The Hemlocks!
    • Member Profile (Briana Binkerd-Dale): Gary Blough
  • Volume 54, Number 2, March/April 2016

    • From the President (Charles Stackhouse): The Northeast Regional Forest Industry and Landowner Association gathering; US Forest Service's report on forest conditions in New York.
    • 2015 Northeast Timber Growing Contest Results
    • Ask a Professional (Michael Farrell and Peter Smallidge): Buying and selling maple sap
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlands (Karen Ceballos): Wild Turkey
    • Growing to Restore NY Woodlands
    • 54th Annual Spring Program
    • Is Seeing Believing? Tree Size Versus Age in Your Woodlot
    • Woodland Health (Jerry Carlson and Mark Whitmore): The Southern Pine Beetle, A New and Serious Pest for Another NY Icon: The Pitch Pines of Long Island
    • Member Profile (Briana Binkerd-Dale): Jeromy Biazzo and Margaret Meixner
  • Volume 54, Number 3, May/June 2016

    • From the President (Charles Stackhouse): Sustaining Family Forests Initiative's detailing profiles of woodland owners. Personal projects on my woodlot... apple pruning, maple syrup production, mushrooms, trail work.
    • New Member Snapshots: Ellene Phufas-Jousma and Thomas Jousma; Karine Bouis-Towe and Charles Towe
    • NYFOA's Top Ten Family Forestry Issues
    • Ask a Professional (Peter Smallidge): Mixing Herbicides - Starting and Ending Concentrations
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlands (Karen Ceballos): Northern Slimy Salamander
    • NYFOA Awards: Heiberg Award to Eric Rasmussen, Outstanding Service Award to Rich Taber
    • Chapter Awards: AFC-Dick Vail; CNY-Guy and Kathie Garnsey; SAC-Steve Warne; SFL-Jeff Joseph; WFL-Jim Miller
    • Photos from NYFOA's 2016 Annual Meeting
    • 2015 Donors
    • Woodland Health (Mark Whitmore): Sugar Maple and Its Pests
    • Member Profile (Briana Binkerd-Dale): Greg Lessord
  • Volume 54, Number 4, July/August 2016

    • From the President (Charles Stackhouse): Parasitoid wasp to fight the emerald ash borer; The NYFOA Rewards Program; Recognition of Ron Pedersen's longstanding contributions to NYFOA.
    • New Member Snapshots (Dean Faklis): Tom Carey; Tom Battley and Belinda Bryce
    • Emily Anderson: The return of the NYFOA Silent Auction to our annual meeting.
    • Ask a Professional (Peter Smallidge): Tree and Log Scales
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlands (Karen Ceballos): Eastern Milk Snake
    • Homestead Woodlot (Jeff Joseph): Adding Value to Beech with Shiitake
    • Joshua VanBrakle: Discover New Ways to Care for and Enjoy Your Woods with MyWoodlot
    • Jerry Michael and Stacey Kazacos: Restore New York Woodlands Where we have been, and — Next Steps
    • Dean Faklis: NYFOA Rewards its Members With Cash!
    • Woodland Health (David Weinstein, Coordinated by Mark Whitmore): What Do Forest Owners Need To Know About Climate Change?
    • Member Profile (Briana Binkerd-Dale): Peter and Nancy Cann
  • Volume 54, Number 5, September/October 2016

    • From the President (Charles Stackhouse): Support your local chapter; DEC considering harvest notifications; Write your NYS representative about forest health issues.
    • New Member Snapshots: Phil Race
    • NYFOA Silent Auction
    • Ask a Professional (Peter Smallidge): Red and White Oak
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlot (Cory Snyder): Northern Goshawk
    • Sarah Walsh: Planting Trees for Streams
    • Jerry Michael: Rehabilitating Browsed Hardwood Seedlings
    • Woodland Health (Nicholas J. Brazee, Ph.D., coordinated by Mark Whitmore): Dramatic Needle Browning and Canopy Die-Back of Eastern White Pine
    • Member Profile (Briana Binkerd-Dale): Brad and Linda Jones
  • Volume 54, Number 6, November/December 2016

    • From the President (Charles Stackhouse): Monitoring the number of deer on your property and assessing their impact. Gift memberships for the holidays.
    • Timber Time: A kid’s perspective of the Northeast Timber Growing Contest by Oscar Williams
    • NYFOA’s Auction Team Announces Winners! by Dean Faklis
    • Ask a Professional (Peter Smallidge): Maintaining a Healthy Sugarbush
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlot (Kristi Sullivan): Predators in New York State
    • Reconciling with Red Maple by Jeff Joseph
    • Woodland Health (Mark Whitmore): Oak Wilt in New York
    • Book Review (Charles Stackhouse): Backyard Woodland: How to Maintain and Sustain Your Trees, Water, and Wildlife
    • Member Profile (Briana Binkerd-Dale): Sean R. Carter

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