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2017 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 55, Number 1, January/February 2017

    • From the President (Charles Stackhouse): Landowners and financial motivation; Upcoming: Farm Show and Annual Meeting
    • Restore New York Woodlands Legislative Initiative (Jerry Michael and Stacey Kazacos)
    • Silent Auction for Youth Forestry is Building Steam! (Dean Faklis)
    • Ask a Professional (Peter Smallidge): Managing Small Parcels
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlands (Karen Ceballos): Gray Fox
    • Restore NY Woodlands in Action: How EQIP Funding Can Help Us Win the Battle (Jeannine and Stacey Kazacos)
    • 55th Annual Spring Program
    • Woodland Health (Mark Whitmore): An Update on Emerald Ash Borer in New York State
    • Northeast Timber Growing Contest 2016 Contest Results (Dean Faklis and Peter Smallidge)
    • Member Profile (Briana Binkerd-Dale): Jena Buckwell & Colin Butgereit
  • Volume 55, Number 2, March/April 2017

    • From the President (Charles Stackhouse): NYFOA's new web site; Restore New York State's legislative agenda; upcoming annual meeting
    • Developing the Art of Stewardship (Dean Faklis)
    • Ask a Professional (Peter Smallidge): How to Use Soils Information for Woodlot Management
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlands (Kristi Sullivan): American Woodcock
    • Coppicing Black Locust: Two Case Studies (Jeff Joseph)
    • NYFOA Annual Meeting Announcement
    • Woodland Health (Paul Hetzler, coordinated by Mark Whitmore): Thirsty Maples
    • My Experience with EQIP (Steve Kinne)
    • Hardwood Log Market Conditions in theNortheast (Jason R. Post)
    • Member Profile (Briana Binkerd-Dale): Hobbs Family
  • Volume 55, Number 3, May/June 2017

    • From the President (Charles Stackhouse): NYS's "Right to Practice Forestry" law.
    • NYFOA Auction Redux - A Resounding Success! (Dean Faklis)
    • CCE Chenago Begins Work onValue Added Forest Products Initiative (Rich Taber)
    • Ask a Professional (Peter Smallidge): Buckthorn - Control of an Invasive Shrub
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlands (Kristi Sullivan): Ring-Necked Snake
    • Agroforestry Resource Center and Siuslaw Model Forest Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary (Marilyn Wyman)
    • NYFOA Awards: Jerry Michael Honored with Heiber Award; Phil Walton receives Outstanding Service Award
    • NYFOA Chapter Awards
    • Woodland Health (Nicholas J. Brazee, coordinated by Mark Whitmore): Foliar Anthracnose Diseases of Deciduous Hardwoods
    • New NYFOA Web Site and Logo (Jim Minor)
    • Member Profile (Briana Binkerd-Dale): Dale and Eileen Schaefer
  • Volume 55, Number 4, July/August 2017

    • From the President (Charles Stackhouse): As forest landowners our actions and our inactions can have a major impact on wildlife.
    • Obituary - Al Brown (1921 - 2017)
    • Ask a Professional (Peter Smallidge): Harvesting Aesthetics and Forest Sustainability
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlands (Kristi Sullivan): Northern Water Snake
    • Dealing with Tick-borne Diseases (Paul D. Curtis)
    • Two Weeks Touring the Forests of Germany. France and Switzerland (Art Wagner)
    • Woodland Health (Nicholas P. Piedmonte as coordinated by Mark Whitmore): Blacklegged Ticks: A Present and Future Threat
    • Vernal Pools (Ed Piestrak)
    • Member Profile (Briana Binkerd-Dale): Charles and Karen Starks
  • Volume 55, Number 5, September/October 2017

    • From the President (Charles Stackhouse): Knowing your trees. Appeal for volunteer help.
    • Wanted: Landowners for Member Profiles!
    • Ask a Professional (Brett Chedzoy): Making Idle Land Productive
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlands (Karen Ceballos): Porcupine
    • Woodlot Management for Regeneration, Think Outside the Forest (Frank Winkler)
    • The Impact of EAB: Member Stories, Part I (Jeff Joseph)
    • Woodland Health (Dylan Parry as coordinated by Mark Whitmore): Back So Soon? (tent caterpillars)
    • Member Profile (Briana Binkerd-Dale): Abigail (Abby) Addington-May
  • Volume 55, Number 6, November/December 2017

    • From the President (Charles Stackhouse): DEC publication on managing deer; Forest Owner magazine seeks topics for articles; Kudos for our new web site
    • Silent Auction a Big Success. Now What? (Dave Williams)
    • Ask a Professional (Peter Smallidge): Strategies to Improve Your Woodland
    • Wild Things in Your Woodlands (Cory Snyder): Cedar Waxwing
    • An Upstate New Yorker's Long-term Investment in Trees
    • The Green Lie (Or How We Spent Our Summer Vacation) - Greg and Kathy Lessord
    • Homestead Woodlot (Jeff Joseph): The Wood in Your Woods
    • Woodland Health (Charlotte Malmborg and Mark Whitmore, coordinated by Mark Whitmore): The New York State Hemlock Initiative Is Looking For Volunteers!
    • Member Profile (Briana Binkerd-Dale): Jonathan Farber

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