Tupper Lake conference 5/11 has been cancelled

Volume 38, Number 3, May/June 2000

  • From the President (Ron Pedersen): NYS well represented in upcoming videoconference; BMP Field Guide distribution; Jamestown Post Journal's active debate on deforestation; NYFOA's spring meeting; Membership recruitment contest
  • NYFOA News: Asian Longhorn Beetle; Ask the Forester column
  • Timber Theft... Escalating Across Rural New York
  • Mary Binder: ESF's Pack Forest: Education - Forestry - Vacation
  • Come and See the Tallest Tree! (at the upcoming Fall Meeting)
  • Rebecca Schneider: Stand By Your Stream: Streamside Protection - Why Bother
  • Peter Zubal: Short-Term Chronicle of a Tree Farm
  • NYFOA Awards: Heiberg Memorial Award to James P' Lassoie; NYFOA Service Award to Erwin and Polly Fullerton
  • Ask the Forester (Michael Greason): TSI strategy on red oak; Benefits of slash; Intertwining root girdling
  • Douglas C. Allen: The Pitch Mass Borer
  • Gary R. Goff and Peter J. Smallidge: Tree Value: A Basis for Woodland Management
  • Henry Kernan: Forestry: 100 Years and Growing

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