News Alert: Upcoming Webinar on May 21st on "Regenerate NY Cost-Share Grants Available for Forest Landowners"

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Regenerate NY Cost-Share Grants Available for Forest Landowners

Do you own between 10 and 1,000 acres of forest land and have interest in improving your woods? DEC’s Regenerate NY program provides cost-share grants to New York landowners looking to enhance forest regeneration on their property. Landowners who want to plant trees, control competing vegetation, restore a degraded forest stand, or exclude deer are encouraged to apply for project funding. To find out more about getting funding for your forest, please visit

Applicants will need to apply through Grants Gateway.DEC will be hosting a Grants Gateway training webinar on Friday, May 21st at 10am to assist applicants in navigating the grant process. Private landowners are encouraged to team up with a cooperating forester who may provide application support. Check out the Regenerate NY webpage on the DEC website for more information.

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