CDC Chairman Jason Post and Secretary/Editor Laura Pisarri, Receive Chapter Service Award


On May 4th, 2019, Jason and Laura were presented with the 2018 Chapter Service Award, at the Statewide Annual Meeting, in Syracuse, NY, by CDC Vice Chair, Jeff Kehoe and Board President, Art Wagner.

Jason was introduced to NYFOA by Mike Greason, and shares Mike’s passion for sustainable forestry practices. After Mike’s passing, Dick Gibbs had been thrust into the role of Chapter Chair, and Jason then mentored under Dick Gibbs and Jim Bulich. Jason filled a key role during that time of transition, in working with Dick, to bring the Game of Logging (GOL) chainsaw safety training, to a great many landowners in the CDC region. He and Laura are always looking for new ways to make NYFOA more appealing and well known, to the many land owners, who do not yet know about the value of being a member and a participant of NYFOA.

Laura came to NYFOA just a few years ago, but she came with a passion and a drive to help us succeed in our mission, and to educate and promote NYFOA’s cause to the multitudes. As our Chapter Secretary, she guides and complements our Chapter Chair, and brings order and fresh ideas to the table. She has, along with Jason by her side, attended and volunteered many hours at our chapter’s booth display during Fairs, Maple Syrup Tours, Saratoga Woodworkers’ Shows, Woods-walks and other events, as well as their Log Yard Tours. Together, they share the same passion for NYFOA, and enjoy educating all who cross their paths, no matter where they are during the course of their days. Laura has been solely instrumental in achieving a more uniform and professional appearance for all of NYFOA Chapters’ booth displays, through the purchasing of our beautiful NYFOA tablecloths. She also does a remarkable job as Editor of our Chapter Newsletters. Laura is detail oriented, and enjoys capturing and submitting all of our events, through photos and interesting articles.

Jason’s articles in our Newsletter are a “must read”, as he and Laura work with loggers, foresters, and land owners on a daily basis, as Log Brokers at their Log Yard in Leeds, NY. Jason speaks with experience about timber prices, values, and trends, in the world of turning standing timber into salable lumber. Together, they gather, sort, and ship containers of logs all over the international market. This hands-on experience makes Jason’s newsletter columns, of interest to folks far beyond the CDC region. Their Annual Log Yard Tour is attended by many, and again is a new direction, where NYFOA-CDC has found new ways to reach woodlot owners.

Laura and Jason are a driving force in promoting the activities of our NYFOA Chapter. They are very creative, especially Laura, who puts her personal creative touches on every event. They keep the ball in play, as we map out the yearly Chapter Activities, and are always looking for ways to educate, protect, and preserve our precious forests. Laura is our persistent motivator! Her drive and persuasive ways, help us to think outside the box, and achieve new levels in the pursuit of our Chapter’s mission fulfillment. Both Laura and Jason, make the events and meetings look easy. That is the real beauty of these two gracious individuals. Their gift of time and talent is precious, and both dedicate a good deal of their personal time, so generously. This recognition is but a small way to express our appreciation, for the efforts they make every day, and for the dedication they exhibit for NYFOA.

Jason and Laura are now the very lifeblood of NYFOA’s Capital District Chapter. They travel to many meetings, learning and bringing back new ideas, to those of us who are more like bumps on a log, than we want to think or remember. For that attribute, they are the new growth and sap, which must be fostered, in order for the Chapter to survive, and have any chance of growing. They are passionate about the care and feeding of the Chapter, sufficiently enough, to invest their own personal time and energy into the vitality of NYFOA, as well as our Chapter. We have, in the past, referred to them as the “Dynamic Duo!”

One of the attributes Jason and Laura, that helps all of us, is their willingness to encourage us to get out of our own comfort zone, and our patterns of the past, and look for new ways for NYFOA to appeal to the new generation of landowners and forest owners. They realize, that NYFOA needs to change with the changing demographics of small woodlot forest ownership, else it also becomes irrelevant. Jason and Laura exemplify this willingness to take a broad look at forestry and ownership, and be instrumental in bringing positive changes, for the benefit and growth of NYFOA and sustainable forestry practices.

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