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NYFOA Statewide Awards and Honors

Outstanding Service Award

For the allegiance and time of many volunteer energies - "a labor of love" that brings both pleasure and satisfaction to each one. Year listed is the year it was awarded for recognition of service in the prior year.

Current Recipient (2019) - Jeff Joseph

Past Recipients - Dean Faklis, Phil Walton, Rich Taber, Jim Minor, Gary Goff, Dick Starr, Hans and Joan Kappel, Jamie Christensen, Dick Patton, Alan White, Cindy King and Kelly Smallidge, Ronald Pedersen, John Druke, Jerry Michael, Hugh & Janet Canham, Henry S. Kernan, Donald G. Brown, Billy Morris, Erwin and Polly Fullerton, Eileen and Dale Schaefer, Charles P. Mowatt, Norman Richards, Betty Densmore, Betty & Don Wagner, Alfred B. Signor, Wesley E. Suhr, Richard J. Fox, Helen & John Marchant, Earl Pfarner, Alan R. Knight, Mary & Stuart McCarty, Howard O. Ward, A. W. Roberts, Jr., David H. Hanaburgh, Dorothy Wertheimer, Evelyn Stock, Lloyd Strombeck, J. Lewis Dumond, Helen Varian, Ken Eberly, Emiel Palmer

The Heiberg Award

In Memory of Professor Svend O. Heiberg, who first proposed the establishment of an association of landowners in New York State, the award is given for outstanding contributions in the fields of forestry and conservation. Year listed is the year it was awarded for recognition of service in the prior year.

Current Recipient (2019) - Sloane Crawford

Past Recipients - Marilyn Wyman, Jerry Michael, Eric Rasmussen, Hugh Canham, Bruce Robinson, Ron Pedersen, Charles Mowatt, Michael Birmingham, Carl Wiedemann, John Sullivan, Gary Goff, James Beil, Cotton-Hanlon, Peter Smallidge, Jack McShane, David J. Colligan, Albert W. Brown, John T. Hastings, Dr. James L. Lassoie, James Coufal, Peter S. Levatich, Vernon C. Hudson, Harriet & John Hamilton, John C. Marchant, Douglas C. Allen, Michael C. Greason, Bonnie & Don Colton, Robert S. Stegemann, Ross S. Whaley, Willard G. Ives, Robert M. Sand, Henry G. Williams, Karen B. Richards, Robert G. Potter, John W. Kelley, David W. Taber, Neil B. Gutchess, Curtis H. Bauer, Dr. William Harlow, Fred C. Simmons, Ralph Nyland, Maurine Postley, Edward W. Littlefield, Alex Dickson, C. Eugene Farnsworth, Robert M. Ford, John Stock, Fred Winch, Jr., Mike Demeree, Floyd Carlson, David B. Cook, Hardy L. Shirley

Special Recognition

Periodically NYFOA will present a Special Recognition Award to an individual who has contributed their time and efforts for the good of the organization.

Past Recipients - Jerry Michael (2006) and Debbie Gill (2002)

Chapter Service Awards

Chapter Service Awards thank a volunteer individual(s) from each chapter for helping the Chapter operate in reaching members and other private forest owner outreach in the area.

Allegheny Foothills Chapter

Current Recipient (2019) - Bob Wood

Past Recipients - Michael Jabot, Ph.D., William "Bill" Dorman, Dick Vail, Otis Barber, Dick Patton, Shari Lake, Jeff Rupp, Kim Sherwood, Dan Anderson, Tony Pingitore, Charles and Marian Mowatt, Matthew Smith, Mark & JoAnn Kurtis, Bud & Marie Larson

Capital District Chapter

Current Recipient (2019) - Laura Pisarri and Jason Post

Past Recipients - Dick Gibbs, Tracy Lamanec, Ron Bernhard, Tom Wolfe, Jim and Betty Bulich, Bob Sheedy, Rolf & Debbie Wentorf, Carl Wiedemann, Marilyn Wyman, Ron Pedersen, Phillip Walton, Phyllis and Jim House, Renee Bouplan, Cindy King

Central New York Chapter

Current Recipient (2019) - Steve Kinne

Past Recipients - Carl Stearns, Ralph Meyer, Guy and Kathie Garnsey, Randi Starmer, Bruce and Charlene Revette, Maria Babcock, Peter Cann, Charley Porter, Sandy & Marie Babcock, Rich Taber

Lower Hudson Chapter

Current Recipient (2008) - Anne Osborn

Past Recipients - Keith Hedgecock, Jeffrey A. Wiegert, Elizabeth Nichols

Niagara Frontier Chapter

Current Recipient (2017) - Bob Glidden

Past Recipients - Rita Hammond, Edward Janulionis, Robert and David Preston, Ernie Van Borstel

Northern Adirondack Chapter

Current Recipient (2015) - Richard Gast

Past Recipients - Paul Schork, Steve Sherwood, Thomas Gilman, Bill LaPoint, Richard Gast, Don Brown, Bob Coupal, Greg & Carole Northway, Bill & Doris LaPointe

Southeastern Adirondack Chapter

Current Recipient (2019) - Kristie Edwards

Past Recipients - Lou Inzinna, Dave and Jane Jenks, Steve Warne, Barbara Hennig, Ed and Donna Welch, Robert Manning, Laurel Gailor, Jill Cornell, Peter and Betty Gregory, John Hastings, Debbie Wentorf

Southern Finger Lakes Chapter

Current Recipient (2019) - Kevin Mathers

Past Recipients - Brett Chedzoy, Jeff Joseph, Ed Neuhauser, Gary Goff, Dick Harrington, Charlie and Liz Stieglitz, Brett Chedzoy, Don Schaufler, Peter and Timothy Levatich, Jim Ochterski

Southern Tier Chapter

Current Recipient (2018) - Gary Sergio

Past Recipients - Ken and Sharon Semanovich, Dave Williams, Stephen Kutney, Jerry Michael, Les Lovelass, Dana Benjamin, Gerry Kachmor, Kevin Mathers, Larry Lepak, Dick Molyneaux

Western Finger Lakes Chapter

Current Recipient (2019) - Ray Cavallero

Past Recipients - Cathy Corby Gardner, Peter Muench, Ron Reitz, Jim Minor, Ed and Wanda Piestrak, Dean Faklis, Mike Seager, Anne & Tony Ross, Mark Gooding, Richard Starr, Keith and Marianne Maynard, Dale Schaefer, Harry Dieter

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